The MasterCho Enclosure

Yes, I will be. I believe it should be flexible. If you have a different idea, please let me know.:slight_smile:

suhweeeet id love to see how that looks, I’d totally be your first customer for that. Been looking for a nice 12s4p enclosure, don’t really need the flex support of your current one

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It’s so pretty. I’ve been wanting something like that for awhile. you’re amazing dude.

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I pulled one out last night as a prototype without polishing the mold for the matte finish look. The problem was, it was quite stubborn to be de molded, so I am planning to polish it as I usually do.

It has a nice amount of flex, it’s like a firm feeling since I used two layers of 200g plus 600g of CF.


looks amazing can’t wait for my new board… i will be looking for enclosure as well XD. love ur work

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Update. I think it looks better now after trimming the edges. :slight_smile: The only thing that I would improve at this point is the edges should be thicker where the screws go in so that it has more support from the stress.


I’ve seen both torqueboard enclosures as well as Space cell enclosures (first hand experience) crack at the mounting screw due to thin plastic content on those spots. Definitely worth reinforcing.


YES! All 4 of my torqueboards enclosure holes snapped within a week…

Reinforce as much as possible


Glad to hear this actually I made my big ass lipo enclosure have big honking plastic nubs on the side of it to hold nuts onto the bolts I drive through the board to hold all my stuff on. I had a few 3d printed plastic straps break at the screw attachment so I just went way over kill with it, but makes me feel (a little) less dumb that the guys actually manufacturing stuff have some shared problems with us little guys :).

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mine? :heart_eyes:

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Yes, it is. It’s going out tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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ok so when is this going to be ready to sell! and what size battery pack will this fit!

12s2p with a single motor setup for the small enclosure.

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ah i was referring to the trampa!

Ah, It should be good for 12s4p battery setup. I will do another test pull this weekend then I will let you guys know. :grinning:

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I’m holding my breath, please hurry

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How do I purchase a 10s4p enclosure from you? Ship to San Diego. Thanks!

What is your paypal account?

Let me PM you the address.