The mule I mono r-spec big boy I 10S4P I zenit freeride deck I VESC-X I FOC enabled

Lets start with the deck

Zenit freeride This deck is really nice, highly recommend this one for e-sk8 Black fywheel clones

enertion 6374 big boy & mount Very simple to slap all together

custom 10S4P battery

enertion enclosure Winning remote Haven’t had any issues with this remote, i did the failsafe procedure, nothing else

vesc-X I have no problem getting behind this new vesc, compact footprint, easy usb access, just plain works. Been rolling on FOC, only thing i hear is the noise of the strap and pulleys, very quiet build.

Here is my referral link!

Will be gradually adding pics and videos. I have a nice one going up a steep hill, not able to quantify the gradiant though. I’m the one in front being filmed.

Top speed stats


God Damn it… how did u put your hands on an Enertion BMS ??? what are the specs on your battery :smiley: ah…sorry just saw now the edit…from one of the pictures it looked like you had a double stack on each side…i was wondering if that did not surpass the depth of the enclosure

I was filming, the ride is not very interesting but it’s demonstrate the stealthiness of FOC, turn the sound up

The cells are Sony VTC4

Yeah I also want to know where people keep getting that BMS.

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They’re still being tested, forth iteration, my job, beat the shit of it and see what breaks

I second that, BMS info please!


Well i don’t have much more info what can be seen, 60A fuse, momentary switch, usb for programming vesc and charging remote, Mounted lcd…

I have no idea when it will be available.

Sorry the bms is not meant to be a teaser… Just happens i’m testing that too.

Thanks for posting this exactly what I’ve been looking for!

@Blasto would you mind telling me how much you weigh?


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Thank for the info @Blasto! :smiley:

this deck looks awesome!

Evening run


This is the exact build I want to do. Great looking build here. How much did the battery cost you to build?

Got them from my ebike buddy for 6$ per cell

Would you want to sell say a 10s2p battery built?

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Sorry man i don’t do that, ask @barajabali for custom batteries

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Why did you buy 2100mAh, 30A drain cells instead of cheaper 3000mAh, 20A drain?

Lower internal resistance ( = less voltage sag, less heat… ) Important for climbing long / steep hills.


Nice build Buddy !!