The nano-x install

Received the nano-x yesterday & today I paired it with the receiver; both motors ran, and I took it out for maiden trip, about a mile. shut off receiver & tried turning on again and there was no reception. the lights are solid on receiver but no control to the motors. Ran up both motors from BLDC. Any recommendations on troubleshooting this issue. thanks.

any errors on the vesc’s? I had some trouble pairing but nothing during my test ride.

Off topic question: Did you change your ppm settings to get more control over the remote?

You would definitely want to set the min and max pulse width in order for the remote to use its full potential.

PID max ERPM is 15000.00 deadband is .015 min. pulsewidth is 1.00 max. pulsewidth is 2.00

screen shot from nunchuck tab

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you need to be in ppm… not nunchuck

Maybe use this topic to help you configure it :