**The NAVY CAMO Build**

The NAVY CAMO Build I am pleased to say, I’m finally done with what I am calling : “The Navy Camo Build.” I chose this name for lack of imagination, and because I used official U.S. Navy Camouflage cloth for skinning the deck. As I have more free time, more pics and information will be added to this thread.

This was my third build.


⦁ Deck: Fluxmotion

Back in May, I was able to pick up a couple of these. They had some very minor cosmetic defects, and were very reasonably priced. Thank you to Frederic @Eboardsolutions

⦁ Trucks: MBS Matrix II Oilslicks

⦁ Wheels: MBS Rockstar Pro

⦁ Tires: Kenda 200x50

I took out the orange shock blocks. Added yellow in the front, and red in the rear. This combo turned out to be perfectly stable and super carvey. Thank you Joel @MBS

⦁ Motors: Torqueboard 190kv 6380

⦁ Motor Pulleys: Torqueboard 18T

Thank you @torqueboards.

⦁ Motor mounts: ATC Dual Motor Mounts, with dual idlers.

⦁ Wheel Pulleys: ATC 72T (T6061 Aluminum)

Thank You @ATC.

⦁ ESC: Unity

⦁ Remote: Hoyt Puck (Hoyt Street)

⦁ Remote Shell & Thumb Nub: Puck, Puck, Bruce (Derelict Robot)

Thank you @DerelictRobot

⦁ BLE Module: Metr Pro Unity

⦁ Battery: 12s 6p Samsung INR18650 30q 3000mAh

Thanks @BluPenguin (wherever you are.)

⦁ BMS: LLT 12s Smart BMS

⦁ Telemetry: Davega X I couldn’t wait, so I went and saw a guy who has things. Thank you @Jamie42.

⦁ Fuse Management: Lacroix Unity Adapter

I had a hell of a time finding this. It is incredibly useful, and I wish Lacroix would sell them. I’m sure many of us would buy them. I feel like the demand is there @Arch

⦁ Charging: 8A Power Charger

Thanks @Accrobrandon

⦁ Enclosure: DIY

This was a labor intensive undertaking. I made a mold from foam, tape, and press & seal. I wanted to it to be low profile, as the battery was spread out. In hindsight, I would have made it roughly 3/8" deeper, so fitting everything was a challenge. Materials used: 4 oz. fiberglass cloth, carbon fiber cloth System Three Silvertip Epoxy with Slow Hardener.

⦁ Charging Port/Power Button Placement

The reason for this, is so I have the option of adding a small, portable external battery pack, for those extra long rides.

⦁ Top Skin: DIY

Same type of epoxy used. Additional materials: Navy camouflage cloth, carbon fiber, medium glass frit (black.) Thank you @Sender, for your wisdom, & answering my questions.

⦁ *Everything Else will soon be added


Looks good man!


Looks Awesome!


Love the way the color patterns fuse, with the shiny motors, the camo and that sweet carbon-fiber look :heart_eyes:

Have fun !

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looks dope but it probably weighs more than me

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Nice Beast of a build!

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