the-NEWS-board | 6355 FLIPSKY motor | FOGBOX | 1s10p battery salvaged old cells | Flywheel CLONES | Total cost - aiming under 300 US

Your toes will look like this if you don’t wear good shoes when esk8ing.


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Wear good shoes while riding, folks!

Another example of someone who didn’t listen to this advise


I thinks u shud u se FOKBAX UNITED. THey won footbal, they good.

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I heard they failed pretty bad no? All of them locked each other up and fell. So much pain.

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Ma nee is UNITED now. Top and bottom of leg is one. THANKS UNITED.

I’ll probably go with 1s10p. What will my range be? Mostly hilly area.

I think at least 200km and 500Nm of acceleration.

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And definitely fogboax

I’d better use motherboard lithium cells from old pcs, so you can fit 1S200P in that baby. infinite range if you add solar panels from old calculators.

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Thanks for your support. I’ll try to clean that motor and get to building. 35% grade hills, here I come! Maybe I’ll call this build the Rabter.

ill pay $3000 right now for you to make me one.

Great advice! Thanks! You must be an experienced builder!

He will take your moneys now and ship it next year, unfinished.

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Do I sense a bit of sarcasm here?

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I’ll give 120% refund if you’re not satisfied.



Shouldn’t be a problem. People around here are pretty much used to that, aren’t they, mate?