The nicest hub motors! For sale cheaper than anywhere!

But… if the genie in the bottle can grant my wish… Ill gladly splurge on a dual drive hub

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These are made by a motor manufacturer in China. One bearing has over double the load bearing of a regular skate bearing and the other bearing is also stronger than a skate bearing.
The rubber now is 89 duro and I’ll be trying an 80 duro next week. These mount on a regular skate truck and are glued on. Glue is strong these days. I did a lot of braking in the video. It’s almost all ether up hill or down. There is one very steep downhill almost at the end of the video. The vesc on foc. There is more power using the bldc program.


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Hey guys, if you want to see more design posts/technical specs and discussions check out his endless sphere thread (he linked in in his first post on this thread).

The ES post is over 10 pages, and has everything from the CAD pics to testing videos and updates.

Not to mention $200 for two motors is significantly less than buying two normal motors + pulley/mounting kits- and this all wasn’t achieved by cutting corners… he’s selling the first batch at cost (64.99+ rubber +shipping so roughly 100USD per motor).

These are literally R-SPEC quality, except they cost less, and don’t require any additional mounting setups! You can kiss risers good by with these bad boys.

I know I’m vouching hard for this guy, but this project is over a year in the making, and he deserves to get 40 buyers for his initial run. And yes, before you ask I am one of them :wink:


How are they going up hills? I have a 149kv motor at 3S and I am already happy and can wait to try it at 8-11S. Would It be worth it for me? Also will the motors ship from china to you then me?

you can put me down for 2

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There’s a video above of me doing hills in San Francisco. I don’t know if I’d cal them R-spec quality as I don’t know and can’t find any ingredients in those motors. A claim to a certain wattage is misleading as it depends on the airflow and ability to dissipate heat. There are no material details I can find for those motors. I strongly doubt you will find a motor ANYWHERE in the hobby world, that uses .2mm laminations and N45sh curved magnets and a .4mm airgap You must PayPal me 200$ to humminashadeeba@gmail If you’ve done that you’re in.

I am interested but I will realistically drop cash after I think about it. Give me a week and good luck on getting enough orders.

are you running 12S on these?? or what do you recommend?

Yes I’m doing 12s. It’s great. I recommend it unless you’re worried about being electrocuted. 50 volts is creeping into through-the-skin potential


Still want to sort out my 16/36 set up. Just wondering how should the vesc be optimized for hub motors?

Sorry for the skepticism, but I wanna be sure a dual belt driven or hub setup can handle this

I go up shit like that on my 149kv single drive. 12T to 36T, 12S. At one point I had a 20T to 36T and I still got up the hill. Both configs require a 15mm belt though. Cant speak for hub motors as those are still on the todo list

yeah I have a 149kv 9mm single@8S sooo…

Where did you get your 36 tooth 15mm pulley?

So the gear setup i got from @torqueboards was for 15mm, he just didnt include the proper parts to set it up as a 15mm belt setup. I did just get some parts from alien drive system that are 15mm wide parts. Also I have been talking to enertion about getting some wider setups in stock.

Make no mistake you will get up those hills with your setup, bumping it up to 12S would make a noticeable difference for keeping speed going up that hill. But a single drive rolling up/down that level of incline is going to get torn up pretty quick. 12t to 36t is going to be the smallest number of active teeth you can roll with that will still work, but it will be rough on stuff. Youll see some good amount of belt slipage. You having a 16t to 36t should be that perfect sweet spot that it will be enough teeth in contact to not slip the belt, but not so many teeth in contact that the belt is getting too much torque put down on it, causing it to snap. (had that happen on the way to the ladies house)

16T motor to 36t wheel on 83mm wheel with a 32v battery powering that 149kv motor will get you that 21mph sweet spot. So your gears are looking dope. You are going to hit the road with that motor and be shocked at how much power you have. when that happens, feel free to message back lololol

EDIT: should include that I didnt ask @torqueboards for 15mm parts, so him sending 9mm parts was expected, just dont know how to throw that in there now that everything is typed out. only mentioning his 15mm so that yall can give him your business for said parts if you so decide lol

gonna try out the 9mm 16/36 on 8S flat ground first. But need to get some vescs.

Paid :smile:

Now come on guys, let’s get this first batch filled up!

I’m supporting this, hummina is doing a great job! Just paid for a few too!:slight_smile:

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Sorry I can’t seem to post images anymore. someone was asking for a pic of just the motors. If you go:

There’s a lot of info

Thanks you guys for doing this with me. It’s about time something like this was done. Not that these are the first hubmotors but we went all out on the design and components. This isn’t an extruded metal cylinder but a lathed bell with fat bearings…(talking to orangatang wheel’s manufacturer and see what the price on 500 is) and they’re cheap

Getting closer.

What’s the wheel diameter size? are there choices?

I like 90 or 97mm btw.