The nicest hub motors! For sale cheaper than anywhere!

Nothing polished looking in this:

100$ us Email me to [email protected] and I can send you a bill. Buy ten.


Dude! I almost had a seizure just now watching your video…Was the camera strapped to a 3 legged dog with vertigo?

Stoked you got 'em done!


L0ve the darth vader impression at 3:05

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also can two hub motors climb hills?

Haha @NNGG that’s what he’s showing in this vid.

These are gonna sweet; can’t wait to get a pair!

Comes with rubber. Help me get this going and get these for what will likely be the cost to me. 64.40 to me and then add shipping and paypal and then make the rubber. I need about 40 people (80 motors) total to make the bulk order.

These are the nicest component hub motors (.2mm lamination stator and N45sh curved magnets) that are universally mountable.

Buy ten please. Sell them or give them away.

So they just need to get connected to a ves and I can get them running? Also where do you live, Im in California and shipping could be cheap or really a deal breaker.

Any photos of the actual motors?

I agree with @lowGuido Need more pics and specs.

All the specs lol

Here’s my board at the grocery store right now. Brought it up front to check my transmitter is working. I’m always dropping it I’m in San Francisco. Come over and try these.

Specs? What do you want to know? I don’t know the continuous wattage or max. I’ve hit 45 amps on 12s. The cheap thin watt meter broke though and I know I can hit any speed of want to go (40?) and almost any hill around. N45sh curved magnets hair thin airgap and .2mm stator laminations. 100kv. I like them a lot with the vesc on



they look really nice! Are they based off an SK3? and do you do all the milling and/or lathe work yourself?

Kinda of a noob when It comes to hub motors, how do they sit on the trucks? What kind of trucks are needed?

im not a pro with them, but i have made a pair before that didnt last very long so i can answer lol @NNGG

They fit on all standard trucks right on the truck shaft like your wheel. the inner wheel is replaced by the motor stator. Theyre pretty simple if you have the right tools which are a mill or lathe.

the problem with mine was that I didnt have a lathe so I couldnt modify the can of the motor for more beefy bearings.

still scared about hub motors and how they are compared to a regular pulley setup. Also wanna know where these are shipping from. If North america I think this will be an impulse buy. If not Im gonna be sure of it before I spend anything

What about the urethane? are replacements available?

Cool video!! Definitely looks like they can climb.

How do they perform with braking?

How is the sound with the VESC during braking?

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same questions here. Hope its not too good to be true…


Check this previous thread out

doesn’t say much to me

I already have a 149kv outrunner on a belt system that I LOVE :blush: I just want to get the belt alignment and vesc done. Not gonna rush into this

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yea personally i prefer belt/ satellite setups