The non boosted stealth board | First build | Hummie Hubs and Deck | Focbox unity | 12s3p | Psyco enclosure | Nano x

The time has come for me to do my first build. I have been consuming all the info I could on this wealth of information and somehow became a regular without ever riding a diy board let alone build one :thinking:. For my first build I was looking for a stealthy board that goes at least 30 mph and has a ton of torque. Range is not that big of a factor for me because I only need to go 4 miles to go to school, work and back home. I would love to go on group rides and figure I would when I have a half decent board. Here are the parts if you didn’t already read the title.

Hummie Hubs v4

Focbox unity

Hummie Deck

HyperIon Systems 12s3p with a charge only bms

Psycotiller Enclosure - Psychos Arc v2

Enertion Nano-X

I am currently waiting on a few things but I will post pictures and some videos when everything gets here.


Sounds like fun, can’t wait to see the progress.

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Ok, I plugged everything in and it works which is great. The Charlie horse is not the deck that im using. My @Hummie deck has not come and I got a CH from the landyachtz mystery box so I threw everything on there. I am also still waiting for my @psychotiller enclosure. I can’t wait to get this up and running!


I couldn’t wait so I used a metric shit ton of duct tape and went out and gahdam does this thing have a unbelievable amount of torque. I slowly stepped up the amps and to my surprise I got to 45, -30 battery and 45, -45 motor. I am nervous to go past that but eventually I will. I let some of my friends try it on new years. 20181231_235136

Today I went to the beach and I was passing cars on the road! I thought I would have speed wobble going the speeds that I was going because I kept the trucks decently loose but I didn’t have any! I can’t wait to get back on the road and ride this thing. 20190101_144320 20190101_144307
I want to thank this great community for making this dream of mine come true!


Ok so I have all of the parts but I have run into a few issues… first off the battery’s bms is mounted on top of the battery so the enclosure doesn’t go all the way down :frowning:. So I sent the battery back to @hyperIon1 so the bms can be put next to the battery.20190122_074753 Then I was going to put the inserts into the deck, I had everything taped off and ready to go… then this happened…20190126_131402 I am going to try to get some stainless steel inserts now. Hopefully those work better.


When the battery comes back to you it will look like this and will be the new standard for the bms issue of placement ( exterior of the pack and can be put in two positions without disconnect ) this will improve pack quality, with visual inspection and a bms that is outside the pack can be changed out very easy with only two wires and a 10-12 pin jst 20190122_001642 20190123_033531 20190127_004018 20190127_004005 20190127_004012 20190123_033601


Seriously BAD ASS Doug image Can I intrest you in a helmet to go with that death machine? plaese 03%20AM


Ok, but will the charge port still be attached or will I have to solder it back on? Thanks and I really need to change my profile pic.

I will get with you once it comes in to verify everything you need, I can set it up how you need it.

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isn’t this a lil much…? is this combined or per side?

I’m not sure but I set the battery to 50 max on the unity app and -25 so I think it is combined but I am not sure. Can someone tell me if this is too much? If so what should I set it to?

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Ok so I finished finally but it has been raining the past couple days so Im stuck inside but I went up to San Francisco where it was perfect out and I took it for a spin! 20190217_161133 The ride was incredible compared to the old deck that I had with the duck tape and my single motor shoertboard. Everything was awesome until I got to a stop before the hill and the braking was really bad. There was a grinding noise and it took a while to come to a stop. I immediately got off and took a look at the motors and spun them to see if the sand/rock that I thought was stuck inside the motor ans found out the motor became unplugged from the unity. The wires on the hubs I got are really short but if I arrange them straight instead of crossed it should be fine. When I got back I only went down 25% from 8 miles with hills and lots of wind. I cant wait to get this back out on the road! Here are some more pics, 20190212_174423 20190212_183630