The other Raptor

The OTHER Raptor


Are you doing group buy on these too? :relaxed:

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I actually contacted the manufacturer on Alibaba the other day when I ran up on these. Its a nice looking board and the flex battery enclosure is sweet. The sample price is $750 though, pretty steep for a test. Also, I dont believe the range and speed, not at 36v with 950w motors. Here’s what they said to me…

I’m in !!! :joy:

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Seems like another buffalo board?


this is the one I thought looked cool as hell, and has hubs, but also $750 for a samples…

This was made before the Buffalo Board.

anyone known why these people call them “samples”. I’m just wondering because when I go to Costco, samples are free. Why don’t they just say $750 for one board?

Check out the Bisek thread for this one. I’ve ridden one - first generation I think. Remote cut out every 2 seconds, making it pretty impossible to ride. Also the bushings were insanely soft for some reason and I’m only 135 lbs so that is saying something.

lol Costco has spoiled you

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Costco samples arent free…

@Mikenopolis walks in backwards through the out doors lol he didn’t buy a membership lol

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Bizarre thread, I actually have both of these decks. I bought them while waiting for my evolve CF GT this summer. First is a NextGen “spine” and second is a Bisek CF hub. Both about same price delivered to nyc. The Bisek was more of an experiment to compare with Carvon’s. The NextGen is actually super flexy and a real beast of a performer and I don’t let people borrow it afraid it will toss them or SYF, seriously. Anyone in NYC wants to try them lmk lol.

I can verify the battery, top speed and acceleration are correct if not more actually. The range not so much. I pulled it apart considering some mods. The build has a screwy gearing ratio on proprietary parts and electronics. Surprising torque for low gearing ratio that resulted in better top speed. Would have to check but was something odd like 17/23 for motor/wheel pulley lol.

Id like to call this the (not so) ugly step sister.

Although the yellow and red makes me think of a happy meal toy

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I actually work in a company that literally get free samples of food constantly. So it confuses me when Alibaba sellers says sample… Anyway sorry to go off on a tangent as usual

This looks like the Nerv board