The Perfect e-sk8 Helmet...?

Hi, there is a style of helmet that would be perfect for our use: Big viewfield, open face with plenty of ventilation and opening on the ears, but still a great face protection with a metal grill. Yes, I’m talking about US football style helmet:


-they weight like 2kg

-not certified for speeding on the road



I wonder why no manufactuer copy this design and adapt it to our use. Instead they prefer to make Motorbike style helmet. Why not offering a full face protection and an open face helmet? This is the best of both worlds, and I’m sure many of us would adopt such an helmet if if would be not too heavy, not too expensive and secure.

So what do you think about having an open face helmet with a grill to protect your jaw instead of the classical full face helmet?

Well there’s no esk8 made helmet Full face helmet made for dirt bikes are made to allow to breath easily, and wear a mask, and for road bikes, protection is maximized, with the protection against extensive road rash and projection of glass (for example) in mind

But you also have downhill helmet, like the TSG that have very good review, with good visibility, not too warm but expensive I think there’s no perfect helmet, like you can only get 2 things out of 3, cutting cost might reduce the safety of the helmet…

My point is I want to protect my face without having a big chunk of plastic blocking my view and restraining airflow on my face. The helmets you’re mentioning do this.

How simple is that: face mask made of metal grill: no restrictions of air or view, and great protection. You can’t beat that I think. But no one is offering this except for Hockey and US foot…

I use the “Bell super 3r” and there is a ton of air ventilation all around. Sometimes it’s cold with that much venting in the winter haha!

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If you want air flow try fox pro frame. I find it has too much air flow for a night ride.

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It looks nice, too bad you can’t remove the huge sunvisor.

Yes, I forgot to mention I think the US foot helmet has another advantage for me: it looks cool, while I think other full face helmets looks overkill for our use (they’re not, but it looks they are while riding in the city).

I guess I was wrong, and no much people is interested by this kind of helmets…

There’s a reason why nobody wants to put a metal cage on the front of a helmet for a sport like this.

It’s either gonna be to heavy to be comfortable or to flimsy to offer decent protection, not to mention I far prefer the clean unobstructed view of my TSG than having a screen door effect from the metal.

If even a small chin bar that essentially rests against your mouth is to view obscuring your probably better off just sticking with a half shell.

I think the real reason is the chin guard from full face helmet is made to absorb part of the shock, while a grill is there just to protect the face.

For me it would be an acceptable compromise to have a grill (better protection than a half shell) rather than having an enclosed full face helmet. Unfortunately (for me): I don’t think a football helmet is made to withstand a shock at 25mph with concrete, and I don’t want to try :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: this ONE might… just $550 :yum:

I used to use a lacrosse helmet for a long time :man_shrugging:

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Have you never dented a grill on a hockey/football helmet i know i haven’t but my friends playing hockey would go through a grill just about every year if not more. Not sure how the metal grill reacts to sliding on asphalt is the other thing.

I mean look at all the sports out there and see how many actually use a metal grill, its like football, and amateur hockey?

And for them its mostly to protect their face/eyes from things hitting them, not from their heads/faces actually hitting things.

Much better than my jaw :slightly_smiling_face:

For the rest you’re absolutely right, it is not the best protection (no shock absorbtion). But again, I think it is better than nothing for people not willing to get a full face helmet.