THE PRIEST | Custom Subsonic Century 40" | Cavron ExoDrive | Psychotiller 10S5P battery and Enclosure | Dual FSESC 4.20

This is my first build after riding around on an Ownboard for a couple of months in the Pacific North West . I mainly use my board for commute. It rides OK as I already upgraded to a DB CoreFLex 3 . This board is stable at speeds <22 miles but after that it starts to get wobbly. The only way to prevent this is to use tighten my bushings which are already way too tight.

I also loose out on maneuverability and turning because of the bushings being too tight and my current deck does not have a kicktail.

After reading about Falcon Evo I thought that this is the board for me. The wedge design is amazing. I do have concerns about the weight though.

I am going to use the @LEVer Carvon trucks with some angled risers to prevent any wheel bite and the enclosure hitting the ground. I am basically building a Exo 2WD with VESC and 5P instead of 3P.

My question is that I am ~180 lbs and there are a lot of hills where I live so will the recommended 30 A setting with @psychotiller 10S5P and 97MM flywheels give me the torque I need? I don’t really care about speed as long as I have good acceleration.


FSVESC DUAL 4.2 Plus + connectors + wires - $220

ExoDrive motors + KEGEL adapters - $470

Custom Subsonic Century 40 - Downhill Flex - $270

10S5P battery + Enclosure + Meter + port - &525

Storm Esk8 Kegel Core Rubber Wheels 105mm 60A - $100

ABEC 11 107mm 75A - $123

Miami electric Boards Remote

Total Damage - ~$1600

All prices are inclusive of shipping

EDIT : Added cost of components.


Is this what you want to use or what you want us to agree with? Unclear. Everything in the title is good to go. Build it. 10s 5p with 2 sets of carvons will whip you up any hill. I’d go the 107’s with direct drive. Have you ordered the carvons?


Don’t angle an evo. It works best with 50’ trucks trust me.

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Where in PNW dude? Im in Eugene Oregon

Don’t answer to @Skunk he’ll rape you without taking off his socks


And the worst part is, he’s going to manipulate you to buy surfrodz and tiller mounts


I didn’t manipulate you into buying them. I manipulated you into not buying them so i could manipulate 60 other people into buying them for you. :wink:


Even worst!!!

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Yup just placed my order last week. I really wanna get the 107s but I’ve been reading how bigger wheels will drastically reduce the torque. So am unsure whether I should get 97 or 110

The reason I’m thinking of using angled risers is because I have these shredlights that I don’t want to be pointing down or up

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I’m in Seattle :slight_smile:

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Sorry I meant that I will have 2WD with one pair of motors at the back

sorry man, but i think the lights are not the main part on an Esk8, so first you have to focus on the best riding performance. It will not be a big problem to get some other lights in the end, if them shred lights doesn’t work well in your build.

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Agreed. If anything I can always brute force bend the mounts.

I am unable to decide between 97 mm and 107 mm Abec 11 wheels. I do not wanna loose torque and I already have some 105 mm rubber wheels coming in so i’m more inclined towards 97 mm but it seems that the contact patch on both the 90 mm and the 97mm is the same

Guys the parts have almost all come in image

Special thanks to @oriol360 Miami Electric Boards and @LEVer for the Remote and the oh so sweet sweet motors.

Can’t wait to assemble the complete soon as I get my battery and enclosure from @psychotiller


The deck is subject to change to this one here Subsonic Century 40 image image


Taking away the angle just for lights is such a waste IMO. Thats the whole point of the Evo deck. The angles (wedging) on the front and back of that deck are meant to provide stability and maneuverability at high speeds. I think the evo 39’’ is rated for 70mph!

So as soon as you take those angles away, you are going against the entire point of the deck. Same with the subsonic Talon.

If you want something that your shred lights will mount flat with no modification, maybe try out a LY switchblade. You have your drop downs and a nice riding platform.


I know I was being an idiot about my shredlights before. Being in this forum for a week has made me change a lot of pre conceived notions

Second set of pulleys have arrived. image

These babies look amazing. Nothing like a perfect fit image