The Printa | 6374 192KV | 9s 5000mah | 3D Printed Mount

update 6

gnah! i think i reached a dead end here.

so the mounting plate now is holding up fine. but the plate is so thick, that the small pulley only is inserted 1/2 of its size which harms the pulley quite alot. also, i took a few extra bumby roads and the clamp holding onto the truck now broke. i cant make the clamp thicker but i could make it wider like SimosMCmuffin did. i was thinking about that before, but decided aggainst it.

never the less. I think i stop here and just buy a metal mount instead. the motor is just to darn heavy and to fix this properly i would need to mod the motor itself which is out of my abilities.

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Just a small comment after looking at your design, and ignoring the conclusion :slight_smile: I think you could improve on the geometry to avoid cracks. Use large radiuses where you can, instead of sharp corners and circular holes, not slots. Preferably also without chamfers/countersunk. @SimosMCmuffin’s design looked interesting.

With 3D printed motor mounts, especially FDM, you have to make sure your motors dont get too hot as it will melt your thermoplastic. Although much more work, I believe making from aluminum is the way to go because they are much tougher and absorb a lot of heat from your motor.

Where did you get the 9s bms?

there you go! i just use it for charging and completly bypass it when riding

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