The Saw | R-Spec Drive | 4WD | dual Unity | Haya | 12S4P | 97mm

That’s basically free

You could fill the hole with epoxy and sand it to get a frosted look that would diffuse the light

I was looking at the specs of the light bar, it is powered directly by the battery? That’s one road block I stumped on mine, using a 60 led/m strip I would need another DC/DC converter just for the leds

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Light bar used , directly battery powered, the foward voltage of the strip is 48V (measured with DMM) the lights become dim as hell when around 41-40V… but for the simplicity of the circuit, i did not care. I’ve also added a little 15ohm 4W ballast resistor for when the battery are fully charged (50.2V)

I was contemplating on reworking the LED strip in to a 24V operational voltage, normally it’s 8 LED in series, i would have changed it up to 4 // 4. But didn’t do that, just used as is.

now that I think about it… I should just of removed one LED out of the circuit, making the forward voltage 42V, that would have covered my entire voltage span with minimal dimming… oh well, already made 8 holes, not going back


Wait did you just say you did a group buy for these giant-ass pcb? :slight_smile:


Awesome work dude. So 2 BMS’s? one for each side?

Where can we get those PCBS… :wink:


I been using PCBway recently and i must say that i have been impressed with both quality and turn around time.

a few questions . . . what thickness copper did you go with for these boards?

have you used these cheep BMS before? are they any good?

in your system do the 2 sides run interdependent? is the main power from one half connected to the other?

2 oz copper, no i haven’t used this bms before, i am already a bit disappointed by it, it has no balance circuit… oh well it will be good for charging and cell monitoring

yes i was planning on paralleling up the two 12S2P packs, that way i can use only one charge port… but i could just has easily run them independently, but would require 2 charge ports.

What about one charge port but connected to each battery with a diode? This way they will still be isolated and no current will flow between them, using a 0.3v drop diode should be no problem

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i will be interested to see how this works out. I have a similar setup in my build where i have a 12s battery pack in an enclosure and i have 3 of them in parallel. in my last build i had to join all the balance points between all of the different packs and one big bms, but it means lots of cables between separate enclosures. I had been considering separate bms in each enclosure and just running power and charge to each enclosure but was concerned that something weird might happen.

im this close |------| to trying to make my own bms. but i already have so many projects on the go :frowning:

do it, make a de-featured version of the DiebieMS, no need for high discharge, cell balance + monitoring, CAN communication, LCD port, Unity switch control, charge control. would be dope.


yeah this is exactly what i was thinking.


Yeah that should work, only problem is it would charge the battery to around 49.9V

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Hey there, awesome build. I am wondering how much amperage you plan to put through the hubs?

This is the nomenclature i went for

Probably 60A motor and 30A batt

when do you think you will have it running? will you do any videos of it?

Go 16s pls if possible.

i should be done in a few weeks, still waiting for parts…

won’t be able to ride it until a few months



Led array, 5 leds all good, 1 led no good

image image image


Hubz are in, #12 suiting up

image image

image image

image image



oooooh! the connectors, minimum wiring, repeatable setup is my kinda porn.


Testing the leds… fuck my retina. Technical note, these strips pull 200mA each @50V

image image image image