The Shark | Shark Wheel build | 10s | Vesc

Winter started in Finland so there is really no use for this board at least in six months. But at least I have a parking garage downstairs :grin: I wanted a smaller board that I can carry around easier than my Vanguard.

Deck is blanc deck from ebay. I inserted some Banksy stickers and clear grip tape. I am using calibers with Alien mount reversed in the back. There is really good ground clearance with the 5065 motor. There is major difference in weight between the 5065 and 6374 motor. Almost 600g! I build this board by selecting components that were light.

I am using 15mm Optibelts HP belts. They should last forever. At least they cost twice than normal belts. Because of the 50mm motor I am using reduced gearing 12/33. Also 70mm Shark Wheels should help reducing the load of motor.

Inserting pulley to Shark Wheel was no job at all. I modified the center of the wheel just a little and inserted evolve inset pulley into it. I added some JB Weld to secure the pulley.

I molded my own enclosure by using vacuum. Made it from two pieces because my vacuum table is only good for max 25cm long molds.

Made battery from LG He4 cells. After welding the battery I added some 20 awg wires to support the ampflow. Many in this forum is saying that one nickel strip can only handle max 15A constant.

Battery is small 10s2p pack. I made similar pack to my Vanguard but it was draining too fast. Also the voltage sagged pretty bad. Otherwise the pack worked fine. The voltage sag and reduced range does not bother in this build me because this board is only used for short trips. I will use my Vanguard when I need the range.

The Vesc is from my Vanguard. Vanguard is getting X version when Enertion start to ship them. For On/Off I am using xt90s.

For charging I am using 10s bulk charger and cheap BMS. I use BMS only for charging and I only have to connect one cable to charge my board :slight_smile:

Here is some pictures:


Is it much different to ride these wheels? Do they steer differently or have some other features? I know they were mentioned somewhere but for me you are the first one to use them on eboard :slight_smile:

Hope you got the chance to test this board in the parking space at least :wink:

Awesome build!

They roll over terrain much better as well as keep speed. Perfectly round so no worries… as long as you can handle the way they look and all of the questions everyone will ask I recommend you get a set.

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How did you get the pulley straight on these things?

There is “spikes” in the center of the shark wheel. The evolve pulley has a star shaped insert, so taking few of the spikes off, the pulley will automaticly fit into place. The evolve pulley insert is just right size for shark wheels center hole for secure fit. It is really hard to explain. Imagine it like putting your wedding ring on to your finger after you gained 10 kilos. It will go in with forse but really hard to take off :grin:


I am waiting on my first esk8 to arrive, but I use shark wheels on my traditional board and I love them. I just looked at their website and apparently they have 75mm and 80mm shark wheels coming soon! When the 80mm wheels come available I will see if it is possible to mount them on the hub motors.

I honestly love this build… do you have more pictures of the wheels? What evolve pulley did you use?

Stoked you found this one. I’m very curious to hear how it held up…