"The Spook" | Trampa Urban Carver | Kaly.NYC Gear Drive | 12S4P | 2x6374 | Eboosted Enclosure | FOCBox

Trampa Urban Carver with Superstar Hubs 2x 6374 190kv from @torqueboards 2x FOCBox 12S4P Samsung 25R + AntiSpark Switch + BMS from @barajabali Enclosure from @Eboosted Direct Drive from @Kaly Nano Remote from @torqueboards


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thats a nice set up, but why 25r and not 30q?

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I asked for recommendations from Barajabali who made the battery - He said…

“Personally… the 25r are great. I dont really know why people pay so much for a fraction more capacity. Best bang for your dollar is in the 25r”

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Amazing board! I love when people invest on the best parts for their boards, the result is always mesmerizing!

We’ll be looking forward for the first video footage.


Thanks for making a great enclosure and the tips along the way. Inspiration was from the board you did with hex and meilan taillight.

When people ask me how much it cost around my wife… uhh “I don’t know”


i mean, price difference isn’t much if you know where to get the batteries from.

2.50 for 25r and 3.50 for 30q, but 500mah capacity increase which is a nice 20% increase from 25r to 30q

still, a nice build. enjoy it.

curious as to what the range would be however, update us on it if you don’t mind.

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Where did you get 25r for $2.5 each?

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You totally beat me to the punch…I’m building the same board with two wheel sets and I’m going to build the battery. Nice!

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with bulk pricing obviously since no one buys just 1 cell.

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Where did you get the braiding/sleeves for your motor wires? I’ve got a Red Landyachtz Evo Falcon with black enclosure and motors, want to have a red/black aesthetic going as well.

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25ft - 1/2 inch Flexo PET Expandable Braided Sleeving – Blackred – Alex Tech braided cable sleeve https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071WF5NTN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_1w3FBbGYWT16W

PS. Don’t stick your finger in it. It’s like an extreme Chinese finger trap.

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How are you feeling the Kaly direct drives? What’s the most noticeable feature from your point of view against a belt driven system?

Wow I just found my next build. That board looks so awesome. Do you have a link to the direct drive?

Nice build man, i wish my wife would be alright with just a “uuuuhhh”!! :joy: I am also curious about the Kaly gear drives. How is the sound of them and do they need a lot of maintenance?

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@Eboosted: I really dont know yet. I went from 2x6355 belt to 2x6374 and haven’t put too many miles on it yet. So as far as performance, hard for me to tell at this point. Noise doesn’t bother me though. I know that you have one as well. Have you installed it yet? I really think I’m going to like this drive in the long-haul and would purchase again.

@goldrabe: I asked Kaly the same question about the sound and his response is that it is comparable to a Boosted Board. I don’t notice much noise coming from them. The trick is ensuring they are properly lubed
I recorded a clip just after I read your message this morning (dont judge my sandals). It was with an iPhoneX somewhat close to the motors. This is in FOC mode. In regards to the maintenance: it is suppose to be very low maintenance since it is sealed off from the elements. Only requiring lubrication.

Some other notes about the direct drive:

  • The hangar he is sending them premounted on is heavy duty. It is also thicker than the “Ultimate” truck i had on there. It was pretty difficult to sandwich it between the baseplate. I had to open up the baseplate slightly by a couple of mm to get it on.

  • The O-ring around the POM gear spins with the pom meaning that there is friction between it in the back black plate. Iubed up the back part of that ring and everything is silky smooth. (see image below)

  • I had to trim off my motor shaft + key down to about 26-27mm. The torqueboard motor i had was 42mm. This took about 5min with a dremel. Cover your motor with a bag so the magnets on the motor dont attact all of the metal.

  • When installing the drive I wasn’t sure how far or close to put the gears. Kaly said “You need to use a double piece of paper and push the motor gear against the wheel gear. Do not use a lot of force, just put them together firm.”



OMG! Sounds amazing! Can’t wait for it so much that I’ll even try them with flip-flops :sandal:

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Thanks for your detailed answer. The sound is really good, impressive board! Definitely the next thing to save up for.

Under the assumption that this is calculating correct, do these efficiency numbers look normal?


Where do I get the 30q batteries 4 $3.50

Where did you get your lights from? They look awesome. Do they run on full battery voltage or off of a step down voltage regulator?