The Tank Build - Trampa Deck - MBS Trucks -FocBox Unity - APS 200kv - Kaly NYC Battery

Hello All,

1st Let me say thanks for all of the helpful hints in sight and support from the members here. This build took WAY longer than I thought it would. 6 months of waiting for parts … figuring out i ordered wrong, or parts that i thought would work … would not… breaking shit or some combination of all of the above.

So, my objective with this build is to have fun learn and build something tough and rugged. It will be used as an occasional commuter to work (15 miles one way) and be able to get outdoors and play more often.

Considerations - I live outside of Seattle in Issaquah and at the top of a ½ hill that ranges from 15 - 20+ degrees in climb.

  • Needed to be able to do 15 – 20 miles with steep hills
  • Needed to be able to haul my big ass around. 225 lbs *Try to make it as weatherproof as I can make it. (It its Seattle)
  • Needs to be able to navigate gravel & dirt trails

Parts list is as follows

Big thanks to @Kaly and @Nowind for all of the insight and support.

And in case you were wondering yes i have a full set of pads and a helmet. Love the helmet … hate the rest of them and will be looking to replace them with something more comfortable moving forward. Need serious ASS padding … bruised my tailbone already lol.

Current Safty Gear

  • Knee Pads - 187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads - 187 Killer Pads Pro Elbow Pads
  • Wrist Guards - 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards

For my 1st board I think it turned out pretty good. Having been on two testing rides now and I will say it has WAY more power than I can use right now how. (as noted above busted my ass once due to tire spin+sand+to much throttle) To Do

  • I will be looking into dialing in the Unity settings for better breaking and tweaking the throttle. (Incline starts cause the motors to cavitate for some reason)
  • Still working on getting comfortable with carving, and dialing in how tight I would like the trucks. <= Input here welcome.
  • Add Lights

Lastly, I would like to say THANK YOU to this community and the wealth of information it provides as well as all the inspirational builds that all of you have done.

Eboard%20Back Eboard%20Top Eboard-Front Eboard-Side E-Troxx


Dope. I think I might have to build a mountain board for my next build as well. The best things about mountain boards is that they can be used on street , gravel or mud/dirt


So I need to get some feedback from you all on a problem I am having. Current stat of the board is that everything is on it and working as it should. Gobs of power & torque, range for days ect. The problem I am having is that with the Trampa deck having no concave heel side turns are flipping scary as all hell. I spent a few hours this weekend working on them in the grass and its and it is no better. I have loosened up the trucks and swapped out to softer bushings on the MBS Matrix 2 trucks but it still feels sketchy as all hell to try and do heal side turns. Toe side is no problem. I feel like if the board had some concave to it, it would feel better. I have seen some other posts on this and it seems I am not the only one that has run across this feeling. I am guessing this is why @Kaly moved to his own deck style with concave. Lacroix has it as well. Open for input hear but as it see it I feel like I have a few options.

  • See about getting deck with some concave that works with MBS Matrix 2 trucks. Ex: Kaly / Lacrox. Note MBS has an asymmetric concave that may work, however with a full concave I should be able to lose the bindings and just free ride with it.

  • Get a normal concave longboard deck and throw some angled risers under the trucks. This feels a little sketchy and I am worried about how durable this would be. It would also raise the deck up quite a bit even if i was using a drop deck.

  • 3d print / Epox some board risers on the edges to provide the concave. (saw this on the forums here but seems sketchy as I am a heavier boy.)

  • Stop being such a special flower and keep on working on getting comfortable leaning hard into heal side turns. (Note: I have spent upwards of 15 - 20 hrs riding it at this point and its been the same since the start.)

Any thoughts or other options? Am I just being a baby here lol?

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Maybe try heel straps? I don’t have much mtb experience but it seems logical that they would help and they’re cheaper than a new deck.


Ya I thought about that and tried them in the grass and on some trails. This endded up with me on my butt more than anything else. Also not sure how practical they would be for city riding.

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Then I’d probably try the 3D printed concave then. It’s easily the cheapest option so even if it doesn’t work not much lost right?

With straps on toeside turns you need to push up with your toes so the top of your foot locks into the bindings. It also helps if you get used to pinching the bindings by pushing your heels out and your toes in to the bindings baseplates.

Try these

I don’t see why your weight would make any difference.

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Ooo those go on top of the deck. That would make sense. @taz the ones I was looking at hang off the edge and are epoxied to the edge with a thin lip on the top. Check here For me that just seems like a lot of weight / pressure on a relatively week 3d printed part with no support. The part you linked seems better as it would have the support of the deck itself. Hope that makes sense.

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The ones you originally linked are for the carve deck which is narrower, hence the overhang.