The Temporary Board Build

Update. So I managed to update one of my VESCs using the regular VESC tool. However the second VESC won’t update. Every time I try to, I get this.

Anybody know what’s happening?

Bad USB port on the vesc maybe?

Are you using the same USB cable as the first one? Seems like it’s just not making a connection.

I’m pretty sure the bootloader is gone or something, Anybody know how to use an STLink?

Yep. Using the same USB cable. The connection is solid, but that’s the thing… the tool treats the connection like something got pulled out mid flash.

Huzzah, turns out I was right about the boot loader being faulty… perhaps from my own negligence. Re flashed the boot loader with an STLink and loaded the newest Ackmaniac firmware on… no problem.


Awesome! Now I want to see photos of the enclosure progress (specifically, I want to see how you affix it to the board)! :smiley:

I’ll get pictures when I can. I’m not using this as my permanent solution (though it very well could be if I wanted to)… so I’m just using some double sided industrial tape and ductape around the center portion to hold the enclosure tight on.


Well! The board is finished (mostly).

The cardboard enclosure is holding up like a champ. For those wondering… the duct tape in the middle is simply for making sure the enclosure doesn’t fall off (in the event that the double sided tape stops adhering between the deck and enclosure). If I really wanted to… I could bolt the enclosure to the board and be done with it. Hell, this enclosure would be perfect for bolting to these kinds of curvy decks, since the cardboard will bend to the contours. However I want to sell this in the near future… so the future buyer will likely want something a little nicer than an enclosure made of cardboard.

And merry Christmas to everybody! If my secret santa didn’t send me these hub motors, I wouldn’t have been able to made this build the way it is now.


Highlight of the night is when I caught a gnarly manhole and fell at 20mph, but we don’t talk about that.

Also selling the board now for about 1200$… which is roughly the BOM price of all the components used. Someone here buy it quickly so then I can do another build!

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What about the hubs…

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Price includes the value of the hubs.