The time has come for the VESC

Hello everyone, I have finished my Eboard and it is running a 1/10 scale esc with a 3S lipo to a 149kv turnigy SK3 outurnner 6374. I love how it looks and runs with out power (I am just kicking off) but I dont like the car esc and I don’t like my friends 1/5 scale esc under power. The 1/5 scale esc with 6S feels like I’m gonna be thrown off every time I break and don’t like how it accelerates from a kick push at 4-8 kph up to a decent speed like 20 kph. So I have chosen to run a vesc. What steps do I need to take for the vesc to function in addition to buying it? How do I configure the Vesc to be familiar with my SK3 motor? Do I need to buy a cable to connect the Vesc to my computer? What do I have to buy to protect my Vesc from burning up? Thanks for any feed back.

3s? You need a micro usb cable I think. @onloop can help with this

I think you need this:

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What do you mean by 3S? The esc I have is for a 2wd 1/10 buggy so I wont put anything higher than 11.1 volts into it. I also think I have the usb cable.

You need to configure the VESC for your motor, battery and receiver combo. You need to run the BLDC tool on your PC/Mac to do so.

Do a search for keywords VESC FAQ and you should find what you need.

A 3S (11.1V) battery might frown some eyebrows here, 6S (22.2V) seems to be the minimum people are running. I don’t see a reason why the VESC wouldn’t work with 3S though, if you’re ok with push-starting, a low top speed and not climbing any hills.

I just can’t believe you reach 20kph on 3s…

I meant that I liked how my board was set up on 3S with a 1/10 esc so I tried it on 6S with 1/5 esc because I wanted more speed on the board and I didnt like how the 1/5 car esc braked and accelerated from a rolling start.

At 6S which is what I used with the beefier 1/5 scale esc I think I got around 19-22 kph based off my math and general feeling. The speed was ok at 6S but getting there was a problem which is why Im getting a vesc

My vescs needed a mini usb to usb cable. Not a micro usb. Check from your supplier.

Who did you buy yours from?

i bought them from ollin boards or as known here @chaka