The tool in your workshop that will change your life ( if you have space )

15319179632053860646876498649701 Bought this peanuts in the countryside. It’s the best thing in the world. Cleaning, bolting, sanding, painting… Everything you name it !

What’s your favorite tool ?


Soldering iron


Cleaning, sanding, painting, good weather, bad weather, it goes hand in hand with everything rum_pla10


For pressing bearings in perfectly every time.


For when the bearings are shit and you have to pull them and start over.



3D Printer by far.

Nylon parts are super strong and flexible. PETG parts are super strong and somewhat flexible. ABS parts are super strong and rigid. TPE parts are strong and ultra flexible. PLA is great for stuff that just sits there, but still useful for a lot of things. 3D printing has allowed me to innovate with uniquely designed parts for my eboard, and wayyyy too many more things in my life. So much more useful than any single purpose tool I have.


Could you press a key seat (3mm) in aluminium pulley with that?

Not my picture

But a well lit work bench, magnifier and a pegboard with all the needed tools within reach make everything easier…wish the wife would let me put this in the house instead of garage. Gets too damn hot in there and critters would get in if I left the garage open.dfe429a34ae4e5a80907b65671369d62--storage-room-tool-storage


I have heard its possible, I’ve never done it. It requires a broach (aka broaching bit) and vise for the press. Here’s a couple of good video of the process.

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I guess it depends on what heat treatment the aluminium is. T6 would probably work just fine. We have a few broaching kits at work. But the smallest is 6mm wide i think. I might have to order a set just to try it :slight_smile:

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Let me know how it goes. I don’t typically use keyways but I have a build Ive been looking at trying it on.

I’ll keep that in mind :+1: will probably order some china stuff just to save money. So it will take some time…

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Those glasses make everything possible. lol. On the flip side,

This microscope was a big leap, but really changed a lot for me (Mantis).

Has dual 30v 5a that can be series (60v 5a) or parallel (30v 10a). Makes testing things much easier. I’m also finding that it’s not as big a deal to keep track of various power bricks now. :slight_smile: The Tekpower one has better build quality than most, which all seem to be clone of clone of clone.

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I got a used Ingosol Rand 60 gallon stand up air compressor on Craig’s list for $175 the guy even delivered it for me in his pick up truck and it’s been working ever since. I use it mainly on cars but it’s nice for esk8 too