The X Board | Hummie Deck | 12S7P Sony vtc6 | Dual Vesc6 | Dual 6384 (200KV) | Trampa

What’s Up! Here I bring you a speed demon build done by my good friend @Devilmycry. This man is one of the top builders in NYC and continues to grow with his ability to create amazing builds, enclosures, and battery packs of any sort. He knows his stuff and is a beast in this sport. This here is a prototype built for testing purposes. I have had the board majority of this winter and have put plenty of miles here in NYC as you know we ride year round. This board was built to last. I have yet to have a hiccup on it. As we all know if it can stand to anything thrown at it in NYC, it will last anywhere else. This board is not your usual carver due to the tight clearances with the Trampa Caliber style trucks, but with momentum I can slightly carve and move around easily. Due to the tight clearances and stiff Hummie Deck I get no wobbles however. This thing is a true speed demon. @Devilmycry has gotten the board to 45.9 MPH and I’ve gotten up 41 MPH. The board is rated for 50+ MPH. The range is also there. Being 215 LBS I get 30-35 real world miles. This board is nothing but a beast. Soon he will receive the products that will make it his production board with multiple battery setups for people to buy.

Here are the specs:

Hummie Deck

Alien 6384 Motors (200Kv)

12S7P Battery pack (Double Stacked)

Sony vtc6 Cells

Dual Vesc6

Custom Made Enclosure

Trampa Trucks

Trampa Motor Mounts

Trampa Belts

Trampa Hubs

Evolve Street AT Tires

Vicious Grip Tape

Enjoy the photos! If you want anything done in the Tri-State area hit the man up!

IMG_0535 IMG_0536 IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0542


This build is amazing!


Thank you. Love this board!


You don’t happen to have a pic of the insides of your board do you? I’m mainly interested in how you mounted your dual vesc6.

Like any other should sit, towards the rear of the enclosure one next to another.

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I couldn’t find the dimensions for the vesc6 that’s why I asked. Just need to make sure they fit in my hummie one hole deck.

Thank you for confirming this.

Both vesc side by side is about the width of a unity. My hummie is the one with the one opening, if you have the two opening one you made you dremel some wood out. I’ll see if I can dig some photos up for you.

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Hi really is on the web side image

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F@ck. My apologies for not looking hard enough. Vesc6 plus measurements should be pretty close to the original vesc6. I hope.


@Devilmycry is a NJ builder now though :wink:

I think they are the same maybe the vesc plus a little bigger If you going to fix the vesc in the deck you will have to cut 5mm

Mind blown. This is similar to what i’m doing for my first build.


Amazing build! Question: could you show how you stacked the batteries and connected them?

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Who made your enclosure ? I have a double stack 12s6p pack having troubles with the enclsoure part as im building a hummie as well

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The 1 wheel tread being opposite is bugging my ocd… otherwise bad A build !


I named the builder in the thread, he can definitely give you all the info. :raised_hands:

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The builders name is the body of the thread. He can make it and ship it to you. @Devilmycry


@DeadShutterNYC didn’t realize your here.

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I am everywhere! :rofl:

Can you link me on what you used to mount the butthole light?

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