The Yin Yang | Arbor Axis Bamboo | Caliber II's | Psychotiller's Psycho60 & Psycho66 Motor Mounts | Dual Tacon BF 160's 6364 | Dual Ollin Board Co. VESC's with Heatsinks | 8s 10Ah & 8s 7.2Ah | 83mm Flywheel Clones | 36:16 Gear Ratio

Shortly after joining the forum in late August I ended up frying my motor and esc (never made a build thread for it). You can read about it in this thread if you’d like

My plan is to resurrect and upgrade my e-board. I had a single sk3 213kv 6364 motor with a Turnigy TrackStar 1/5th Scale 200amp esc running on 8s. Here’s a list on what’s going to be in the new upgraded e-board.

Arbor Axis Bamboo Longboard Deck

Randal 195mm Clones

@psychotiller’s Psycho60 Motor Mounts

Tacon Big Foot 160 Outrunner Motors

Dual VESC’s

2 Multistar High Capacity 4S 10000mAh Lipos and 2 Turnigy 7200mAh 4S 14.8V 40C Hardcase Packs

I want to do a boosted-style board similar to @Dunkirk’s Vanguard Orange Build. I plan to build a vacuum former to form my own enclosures. Since I have 2 different sets of batteries with very different dimensions, I think I’ll make 2 separate enclosures for each set of batteries. I don’t like the idea of charging lipos on the board, so I wont mind taking them off the board and charging them in a metal case. I’m not sure if I’m going to mount it as a top mount or truck through setup. As of now, I’m waiting on @psychotiller to come out with Randal clamps for his mounts. If not, I’ll probably just set up the motor mounts as a regular mount and a reverse mount ( although I’d rather not do that for cosmetic reasons.


Sad to say, I may not be able to do the Randal clamp. My attempt has been close, but not perfect. Recently, I noticed that the design of the clone has changed. One of the flat spots are now gone making it more difficult/impossible to square up the clamp.

That’s unfortunate. If only Caliber made wider trucks. I recently sent them an email on the subject. This was the response:

“Thanks for the message. I don’t really know what our R&D team has coming down the line, but I have not heard anything about 11” Caliber II’s.

Thanks and keep rocking Caliber.

Cheers, -Dean"

Yeah, I wish they would. It would be the go to truck for all of us.


Yup. I have have a pair of Paris and a pair of Caliber II’s and I much prefer caliber. If only they were 20mm wider!

@psychotiller @treenutter - Why didn’t Longboard Truck companies have the future in mind and make easier hangers with adjust ability to make it electric! :frowning:


Mostly because they are purists haha

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@psychotiller This is what I’ve decided to do. I’ve ordered 2 skateboard sized bearings that are 11mm deep vs 7mm with a normal skateboard bearing. They will be put on the inside of both drive wheels. I should have enough room to fit the entire locknut on each axle. I’ll probably apply theadlock just to be on the safe side. I’ve also ordered 2 of your motor mounts through @longhairedboy. Hopefully I will have enough clearance to fit the motors in a DR config. Those bearings is $13 each, so I really hope this works.

MR608-ZZ-W11 Radial Ball Bearing Double Shielded Bore Dia. 8mm OD 22mm Width 11mm

It’s going to be tight! You may have to find a thinner locknut and definitely use thread locker. Let me know how it works out! I had that issue on a build and what I ended up doing was drilling/tapping a 4mm hole in the end of each axle. Then all I had to do was put a pan head screw into that over the locknut. SECURE.

Tight is fine as long as there is clearance and my locknuts aren’t gonna fly off while I’m riding. lol

@psychotiller @longhairedboy Any chance my motor mounts have been sent out already? Order #2541

yep. They should have gone out yesterday. :smile:

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i have confirmation now that they went out. You should have them inside of a week.

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Cool, thanks @longhairedboy. @psychotiller which seller on eBay do you get your abs sheets from, or do the you have another source?

I buy 4 X 8 foot sheets from paragon plastics in Santa Ana. They are close to me.

Oh, I see. I thought I remember you mentioning buying from eBay. Anyway, I did a quick mockup of the motor mounts and motors. I was really hoping this would work, but there’s just no room. I guess i’ll just set up one of the mounts as a reverse mount.

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@psychotiller Looks like I wont be able to reverse one of the mounts because unfortunately the motor comes in contact with the kingpin unless I’m doing something wrong.

Yeah, the 65mm diameter motors won’t fit :frowning: on dual rear. Unless you had some longer truck hangers :slight_smile:

200mm hanger truck with 45mm axles would be nice. Run Dual 6365 motors!!

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@psychotiller would i be able to exchange one of the mounts for your 66mm mount? Would it then clear the kingpin in the reverse position?

Hey @claudiofiore88, I have one of the 66mm mounts and it clears the kingpin when rear mounted.

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