Theeee.... E-skate Glove!

$50 for that is quite expensive. I would rather check motorcycle gloves, you can probably found some for a better price with more protection. And cut the tip of each finger if that’s what you want :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol… I wouldn’t wear this…haha no protection for fingers…

Loaded freeride v7 gloves ftw


The main reason I wear gloves is to protect my fingers, lol. I use a pair of leather summer riding gloves. Not too thick, but good enough.


5$ gloves from harbor freight work great… lol


i’m using fingerless Harbinger gloves. I don’t know why these would be any better.


How are these " dedicated esk8 gloves"? They look just like mountain biking gloves. You can’t even slide with them

These are e-skate gloves:

Or Carvon’s prototype… (seems like it still needs some development work, but the following post is from 6 months ago)


is the puck for protection if you fall or do people actually slide on their eboard? seems a hinderance. my wheels are so sticky I can barely slide and not something I try to do. I’ve got brakes. but i’m not satisfied with my remote though and liken it to playing grand theft auto with a Nintendo knob

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Apparently the Knox gloves are crap for most. :poop: …and apparently they think they are practicing another hobby… skateboarding I think. :smirk:

Lets see what other ‘positive’ reviews this tread will receive. :wink:

Lol I try not to unless I have to… It’s a sticky bumpy ride sideways :joy:

83mm flywheels in 81a classic isn’t to bad to slide on…but everything else is pretty shitty if it’s bigger

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So a standard oldschool mountaintbike glove for that price?! No thank you. Anyone who put their hands down on pavement at 40+ won’t consider this glove. Or am I wrong?

I use normal slide gloves. With a puck in 3 pieces in the remote hand to be able to grab it and a zipitie thingy that u use for your skiing ticket for when I need said hand and need to let go of the remote.


i just smash into a bush when i’m going too fast for a turn. Works like a champ!


Oh this is you @longhairedboy !?!?!


Am I the only one using wrist guards with these things?

Been only riding pneumatics so far, so not much use for slide gloves. Think I’ll have to rely on the bush method if my brakes fail, either that or use my helmet as a slide puck.

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So what happens when you’re approaching a red light and your brakes fail? Or the board gets stuck on full auto? Happened to me. The slide puck and a heelside shutdown slide saved me from going to the hospital

Most people don’t slide their e-board because they don’t know how. Flat out. A lot of these guys can’t even push a normal board. Not trying to be an elitist, but it’s true

75A Flywheels slide fine. A little choppy until broken-in


both. Seper good protection during falls and for slides cuz its fun .:slight_smile:


I really like when this treads are ‘super positive’.

…yeah, the gloves from hell. :smirk:


actually I’m always trying to slide for fun. What happens why I lose brakes or get stuck at full throttle?, which has also happened to me, I try to run it off and get hurt. When I just fall off I don’t get hurt.

looking for video of 80duro kegels sliding is hard to find.

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Those Roamn candles loock so sick during night tme recordings. But man, do they suck. Nothing about them is fun besides the sparks.


Did you know that Harfangwheels customizes their Absolute 73mm - Roman Candles?

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that’s what I’d use those gloves for I don’t ride with gloves except sometimes thin cotton. want to have best control of remote. I get lucky and always slide on my forearm and always wear long sleeves if not two layers. no shorts ever

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