Theoretical build/Need advice

Hey everybody, I’m just new to esk8, and to powered boards in general, but I have built longboards before, and have a mechanical/electrical engineering background, so perfect. It seems to me that there is a lot of experience on this board, so I figured I would lay out my planned build, and let some experienced eyes pick it apart. Since this is my first foray into esk8 I’m not looking for anything amazing, but I want it to be robust, without breaking the bank.

So, without further ado, here is my list:

Turnigy nano-tech 4Ah 3s 25C $27.95 ea. 2 of these batteries in series will give me the right voltage, nano-tech seems to get better reviews than other batteries like zippy. SuPower Battery BMS 6s 60A $38. I want to use a BMS to allow simple charging with just one cable and I’ll get the redundant protection, as a first board I don’t want to draw more than 60A. Ollin VESC $165. The vesc allows me all the control I want with a brake, and some back up to the BMS. Keda 56-63 195kv brushless 1500W $39.48. This motor has the specs I’m looking for, but keeps the price down for a first build. DIYes motor mount $60. Better adjustability than the Enertion. 15t motor pulley $11.95 36t drive pulley kit $33 12mm drive belt $16.95. Wide belt for good power transmission. Enertion Nano-X 2.4Ghz Controller $75.50. Good stock remote, about the same price as others I found. Wire & connectors $40 Randal R3 180 trucks $26.50. I have these on 2 of my long board now. I can modify to fit the motor mount if needed. 1/4" risers $5.71. In case I need extra clearance. Bones Reds $23.03. Good bearings, already have them. ABEC11 83mm flywheels $25.99. The right size with holes to attach the pulley. Custom made deck $50. I have made longboards before. I could make either a flat plywood deck or a laminated shaped deck. I’m leaning toward the latter. There’s no way I would spend money on a deck someone else made, and I can make it to fit my electronics.

Total $639.06

These prices don’t include taxes or shipping, and are all in USD. Unfortunately I’m in Canada, so that will blow.

If anyone has experience with these components let me know what your thoughts are, or if you just have some thoughts I would appreciate constructive feedback.

Thanks everybody.

Looks like a great build! I realize there is a lot of trust in Olin vescs in the eskate community and rightfully so. However I got my vescs from axle and they work perfectly. They only charge $120 and they offer a free warranty if anything goes wrong with the vesc even if it was your fault. Then if anything goes wrong again you just pay for parts. You can’t beat that kind of a deal and everyone has been loving their vescs. I just thought I’d let you know in case you want to lower the price even more.

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i will say, 83mm wheels seems a little small. what about 90mm+ flywheels?

83mm wheels are great, lower center of gravity for greater control. Also, it doesn’t look like your board is on stilts :slight_smile: .

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Excelent. I went with the Ollin because I heard they bench test theirs with a power supply before sending them out, and then you can just set it up using your battery instead of a PS. But if Axle does the same I would indeed like to shave some $$. Thanks.

I agree. I like the lower center of gravity.

I don’t want big wheels as my CG will go up, and they’re also harder to turn. I’m not at all concerned about top speed on my first build, I’d rather have the torque and acceleration of smaller wheels.

Indeed they do.

That’s awesome. Where are they based?

New Jersey! We bench test all of our VESCs before sending them out of the shop. :slight_smile:

Cool beans. Thanks

With 6S, I’d be running a 260KV motor and not a 190KV. You’ll be at about 15-18mph running a 190KV motor on 6S depending on your gearing. 6S on 260KV on 16/36 is about 20-24mph depending. Our belts are $8 as well cheaper than the $16.95 you were spending. You can get 16T/36T+Belt for $46.99.

Thanks for the note on pricing. I’m really not concerned about speed on this one. I calculated it at just under 30km/hr, which is lots for my first board, and way faster then when I don’t push on my non-powered longboard :wink:. This board will mostly be a proving ground, and I’m only going to be using it on the flats.

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