These items should be in the drawer of any esk8 builder

You all know what it feels like to be at 99.5% of a build and find out you need a 1 dollar part that will postpone the finish for 45 days until the stupid part arrives all the way from China.

Help other fellow members to make a basic part list

When your antispark switch stays in the open position:

When you blow your DRV (get 10 :smile:)

BTW I have everything pretty well organized in a couple of Akro-Mils storage organizers. So fun to perform repairs in 10 minutes vs 45 days.

More time riding less time waiting for parts at a fraction of the cost if you do anticipate and buy from China when you still don’t need them urgently


You have everything in my top drawer right now listed! You are definitely right. These are some must haves.

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Thank you this is very helpful! :smile:

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This is one of the most useful posts I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you


Just bought half of them! haha :smiley:



List has been updated, keep buying! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You added so much :see_no_evil:

Don’t worry, everything is pretty cheap as long as you order them from China, in USA evertyhthing is like 4 times more expensive, trust me you WILL use everything I posted


Just bought all of them

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I love china.


Any alternative to the $50 neoprene rubber?

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Don’t forget to get an organizer to hold all theses tiny parts you get in bulk and labels.


I’ve found 12”x12” sheets of foam at the Dollar Store (USA)

cheapest anti shock padding I could find in Europe.

I used neoprene foam, it’s a little more compliant than solid rubber. That can be a pro or a con depending on how it’s used, but it’s served me well.

Another thing to add is a variety pack of heatshrink tubing. You can even get marine-grade stuff that has a hot-glue lining for completely waterproof connections.

Also get a roll of some good, name brand (Scotch or 3M, etc) electrical tape. Don’t cheap out on this, it makes a difference if you ever have to rework something. The plastic part of the cheap stuff tends to harden, and the adhesive turns to goo.

Also, Solderwire, solderwick and flux! :face_with_monocle:

i don’t like to use electrical tape for this very reason, that why i like to use tesa tape.


That’s a great find @MyCampGround, I’ll buy some.

Keep the tips comming guys!

All sorts of useful things can be done with this stuff.