These MP83mm Jacob hub motors' clones off Alibaba - what do you, hivemind, think about them?

Hi, I have long been eyeing on those Jacob Bloy’s clones - but first off: I want to ask whether am I fueling the fire by purchasing from them? They do look shady and they profit off Jacob in this way, or it just they way shops are on ali-s in general… but they do have a lot of interesting stuff on the shop like compact double-escs and so, and Jacob’s one’s were Very promising back in the day…

I’d very much like to start building the boards asap and ordering remotes, hubs and some vecs from them would be very fitting. Also the clean look of normal wheel like hubs is what buys it for me!

Thank you

those don’t look any different from the koolwheel/benchwheel/diyeboard etc hubs that are everywhere for cheaper. I’d be skeptical of the wattage rating; electric motors don’t really have wattage limits, it’s all kinda guesswork/safe limits before it’s likely to overheat. The normal hubs like this i’ve seen are rated at 800 watts for a dual set, and I’m sure they’d hold up for a while at 1500w. Which leads me to think they’re the same thing being sold here