Thickness of a enertion motor pulley

Hi! Can anybody tell me what is thickness of enertion motor 12mm motor pulley? I know that it’s for 12mm belt, so how long should be motor shaft to fit nice with motor pulley? For an example, if motor is mounted on 10mm thick motor mount, it will be a risk that no much space will be left on motor shaft for enertion pulley fit nicely?

Sounds like you need to find out how long the shaft on your motor is.

It is sk3 245kv motor( i’m still waiting for it). From hobbyking i’ ve found that shaft is 31mm long, can i believe this number? If it is so, then 21mm will be left for pulley, so it means that 10mm motor mount is not too thick !?

Do you have a link or pics to the motor mount? Sounds like it’ll be fine.

the pulleys are about 18mm wide.

I have a Sk3 6364 i think the shaft is only 26mm long , i have a thin 3mm stainless steel motor plate.<img My pulley is 15mm wide.

thats pretty thin, does it flex? your belts won’t last long if it flexes.

0 problems with this design , been riding since april , belt still like new !!

I am making it by myself from 10mm alu plate.

O.K. thanx!