Thinking about next build and going backwards

So I’m thinking about making a MBS board and jumping it at dirt parks… Yeah I know I’m dumb. My question is what would happen if I landed switch with no brakes and with brakes? Would it fry the VESC? all the wheels would spin real fast backwards… Thoughts?


Good question. Think nothing if the board is on but I’d love for someone with more knowledge of VESC circuitry to elaborate.

another thought that just popped into my head… What if I accidentally bump the throttle while I’m switch? would I just end up on my ass? orrrrr

I think that would depend on how much brake current you have set vs forward acceleration current. I can brake rolling backwards on my diy boards (by try to accelerate forwards) but my evolve GT will bucked me clean off when I tried.

Ive also started kicking my diy boards while backwards on accident and then tried to accelerate forward and it just felt like brakes.

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@Nowind is doing that stuff.

Don’t forget @Duffman! :wink: I’m actually curious about this too as I’m also in the process of building a dirt jump eMTB

I took some air when i accidentally pressed reverse while going 20kmh forward. That was with Cool rc esc which is copy of FVT. Can’t recommend that one.