Thinking of building my first Eboard, how does this look

Parts for electric skateboard Price Link
Motor £68.55 products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv
ESC £76.16 products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller
ESC enclosure £26.65 products/esc-enclosure
ESC USB port £11.81 products/vesc-usb-programmer-stlinkv2
Controller/Remote £45.70 products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller
Mechanical kit £152.33 collections/featured-items/products/single-motor-mechanical-kit
Deck tbc tbc
Battery £37.14
BMS £9.52
Charging port/power button £4.94
Charger £10.95
Battery enclosure £26.65 collections/battery-enclosures/products/2x3s-rc-lipo-battery-enclosure
Battery bag £2.13

As the title says, this would be my first build. Me and a friend, who has built a board, have quickly put together a list of the parts I plan on using. The main focuses of this board would be:

  • Decent range
  • Decent speed
  • An easily upgradeable platform for the future

Again, this is my first board so I’m probably making some mistakes as even my friend who helped me barely got his working. All I ask is that you help me. Thanks in advance.

Also I really hope the html table worked

How many of these 3s 8000mah batteries are you planning to buy? 1 won’t be enough

Isnt it more econimical for you to order from They are based in UK and have similar motors to DIY in my opinion and a good reputation. They also have a lot of other esk8 stuff you might want to check them out if you have not already. Because if your package gets stopped by customs you will have to pay a lot, VAT+import fees.

I think that you won’t need the st-link programmer. the VESC will probably have a bootloader on it already.

If the Vesc has a bootloader then you can just connect the VESC to your pc via mini usb.

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It depents a bit on the amount of batteries you are going to put in series, but if you have 2 in series (22,2 V nominal) you would have a kind of low top speed with your 190 KV (rpm/v) motor. 22,2*190= 4200 rpm. is a very useful site to see what your board will be capable of!

Didn’t realise that a 3s would be so bad for speed, I’d probably be better going for a 6 cell 18650 li ion then. Is there anyone on here that is UK based that could provide?

@darkkevind might do it

Just buy 2 and connect them in series- and voila, a 6S battery :slight_smile: However it would be better for the Vesc to buy 3 to make it a 9s.



Where abouts in the UK are you ?

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I am based in London

To be clear, higher voltage is more efficient…nit necessarily better for a vesc as there is less voltage delivery. Regardless if the “studies” I’ve been running a vesc in 6s for iber a year and it’s stood up at lease as well as my 10s boards. Though the lack of speed sucks :slight_smile:.

I make custom packs.

Do you have any idea of the configuration of the pack you want? 10S4P is a popular choice, or maybe 8S?

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I think I need to do some PR work, we need more esk8’s in the Midlands :rage:

I can usually get packages in people’s hands anywhere in the UK within 2-3 days or ordering. Even the midlands :slight_smile:

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IMO its better for the Vesc to run 9s compared to 6s… At 33v you Aren’t really pushing the voltage “limit”. As the standard Vesc’s only can take 27? Amps (Which is little) countinous. And with 6s you will (in theory) pull 50% more current,- compared to 9s.

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Yeah I could do you a nice 18650 pack :+1:

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Yea looks good except for the battery situation. Make sure to do your research with the BLDC online. These videos will help when you come to that situation:

TBH whatever is cheapest and wont be terrible on speed. I’m still just a student with limited funds trying to make my commute less terrible

Lipos are probably going to be the cheapest option, but won’t have the same sort of lifespan an 18650 would do.

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I’m willing to splurge a little bit if it means they’ll last longer. I’m also a little paranoid about lipos catching fire / blowing up