Thinking of getting a AT board


So I’ve been thinking of getting myself a AT board aswell. I found this board really cheap and thought about starting with it.


SYL-08 Electric Skateboard 2000W Motor 40km/h With Remote Control Off Road Type…

USD 419.99 , Wholesale Price, SYL-08 Electric Skateboard 2000W Motor 40km/h With Remote Control Off Road Type Electric Skateboard - Black

Price: USD 419.99

I would probably need to upgrade it but it will let me start somewhere. Due to the raptor being my street board I would probably get bored of this power

Anyone here have any recommendations on what to get, maybe sell the raptor and get a more expensive AT board with nice torque and top speed?

No, I’m pretty sure that this will set you up for life. It’s got Powerful motor and large capacity battery ensure your trip perfect and - most reassuringly - remote control could help to control the speed based on you want. So that’s a tick in every box.

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get an used trampa deck and build from there going with Chinese anything will just make you spend twice the money.

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They seem pretty hard to come by here in Sweden :cold_sweat:

I got one from uk to croatia for i think 60gbp shipping and 90gbp for the complete Now it just sits in my workroom waiting for its day :slight_smile:

Maybe @mackann knows someone

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I don’t know anyone but their is a Swedish esk8 market groupe and you can try here :

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Yeah I know of it. Long time member there :slight_smile:

Found a trampa board from a friend of mine! He told me the board is made for his weight etc. How much of a difrence does this make?

Really depends on how big the weight difference is, since you need to factor in the weight of your battery too

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Don’t buy it. If you have money for a raptor you sure as hell can build something better yourself that will make you happier. And i also don’t think this board is a good platform to upgrade from. The key components just dont go well with other stuff that is widly around.

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I’m on the track of buying a barely used trampa and build my own first board :slight_smile:


That’s the way to go man, doing the same. Piece by piece but hey XD

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it is also more fun and you made it yourself.

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So I bought 10 of those boards a couple years ago. Mine came with the 10s5p battery. Great battery and you can even bypass the bms. So each board I sell I install mbs eggs, bindings and motor mounts. It’s a must to upgrade to vesc as well. So granted this is no trampa deck but it has decent flex and feels sturdy even after three years of hard use and upgrades of course. Mine originally came with 6355 and the newer boards came with 6374. Both motors are great just make sure you secure the phase and sensors wires with more heat shrink or what ever material.
In conclusion do the upgrade right and you can have tons of fun with it. 20180830_221150
Google photo file.


Looks nice! I’ve already bought the trampa board so I’m gonna try my first build ever. :slight_smile:


Hi - Nice one mate!! What kind MBS motor mounts does fits on this “syl-08 / H2C” Trucks?

bump for question - what motor mounts You used here - for this deck trucks - if You can share that info.

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