Thinking on make my second E-MTB, I need some advice before I start

I need some advice as a starting point to configure my new MTB, I am going to describe them in order of importance the most important characteristics that I want this setup to have.

-Make a system as safe as possible to avoid motor failures and accidents caused by this.

-Autonomy +30km, even thinking about mounting the batteries so that i can exchange a discharged pack for a new one that will carry in a backpack eventually.

-Make the board as light as possible, here comes into play I think which board to use, transmission system, batteries type, lipo or 18650.

-It will be 70% offroad and 30% onroad.

-Budget of approximately € 1500.

-I’m not a speed enthusiast, rather I like to enjoy good torque.

It would help me a lot if you could give me some tips to start setting a budget. I set up my first MTB about 5 years ago and I have forgotten some things and I see there is a wide range of new products on the market that I am not aware of.

Finally, I apologize if my text is difficult to read, I am using google translator.

Have fun!!


I could also ask the questions that concern me most directly.

-Which boards are the lightest and most suitable for offroad use? I have seen new brands on the market lately.

-Which transmission system is less heavy? And the safest?

-Which batteries are heavier in the same configuration? Rc Lipo or 18650?

Motor. Don’t forget it. :rofl:

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Also go with 21700.

Depends what country you are in.

I am guessing EU region?

So you should check out this guys stuff

they also have a parts website with good stuff

Thanks! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the info.

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What aprox weight difference can I expect from a lipo set?

How big you trying to go?

One of the things about which more info I have forgotten is this, the battery configuration, 12s4p is the standard right? I think that in my previous build I had this configuration with 8,000mAh batteries and had an autonomy of about 25km, I would like to go a little higher this time. Maybe less, with the idea of carrying 2 battery packs, one installed and the other in a backpack. I don’t know if this is the best idea or stupid :upside_down_face:

I like the idea of remote batteries in backpacks and there’s a lot of things you could add to it easy that way. But I would avoid the backpack, to many added variables with it.

Standard? I didn’t know that was a thing in esk8😂. It’s all up to your style of riding. I personally like 10s setups. 10s8p 18650/21700 and I’m in a good spot. Lipo packs, I don’t care much for.

What do you mean by many variables with the backpack?. You’re right, standard is a difficult word to use in DIY.

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