This BMS is safe?


this BMS or PCB, you think is safe? and can i have brakes in my eletric longboard

You can change the pictures, for easy view

Are you going to use it both for charge and discharge?

yes 10 charts

Than no. Max discharge is 20-40a. Usually 60-80a discharge is required if you want to use it not only for charging.

PS: you read that you can program this bms only with a separate usb stick with is only 199$…:joy:

yes, i read, but i dont want to program XD

I didn’t read everything. My question is just which configuration they sell. How you want or they have factory settings? If you then get a 5s bms for your 12s application… :thinking: than it would be even not good for charging only.

im looking a bms good for charge and discharge, i have 10s2p battery. and i the battery can discharge 44 amp max continuos.

Get a supower or a bestech bms.


if you want a programmable bms order one from bestech, the tools to program it are pretty cheap like 5$ i think and you get all the software for free

Didn´t know that. What can you change with that tool? parameters etc? How do you connect to the bms?

you can change more stuff then you will ever need in 10 lifespans " Programmable BMS with CANBus, RS485, RS232 Communication protocol " as an example