This happened today

I was way to my home from work with esk8 and I always go on sidewalk unless i have helmet.

and I crossed on signal, where there was rush of car cornering towards me on intersection, literraly passed me 50cm infront of me with speed of 20mph.

So I thought, someone is hurry. then I saw hand gesture from the driver.

I couldnt tell if it was a palm or middle finger cuz it was dark…

Anyways I’m a bit upset. Please don’t drive like this.

This video explains why people in cars do stuff like that. It’s up to you to keep yourself safe cuz no one else will.


yeah literally the people of my town. these low life people are insane. there is no speed limit even tho sign says 40kmph. and there are 3 schools within a block or two

Seriously tho I was just walking on a cross with board, I hope he crash

It’s crazy in So California. You can never assume that people turning right on a red light will yield the right away to people trying to cross on a green light. You can’t even assume that people will stop at a red light even when they’re going straight. People here run red lights all the time.


so true. When i cross a crosswalk, i triple quadruple check no cars are moving. Ive almost been run over a few times from red-light-runners :stuck_out_tongue:

Freakin cagers man. Nobody on the road in Atlanta seems to prioritize safe driving over multitasking. I swear all the seemless tech in cars is a blessing and a curse

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I allmost got T-boned on my Motorcyle in an intersection by a guy running a red light going about 70mph I was making a left turn on a green light. Fortunately I saw the movement out of the corner of my eye and slammed on the brakes in time. He wizzed by in front of me and never even slowed down.


lol my dad has been t-boned twice turning left on a 4-way, with both cars running reds. Its crazy over here :exploding_head:

They should let some non-violent drug offenders go and put those people in prison for a few years.


I wish we had a double like button for you sir. Oh and just think of all the tax dollars the legal states are making on weed, but the stats they don’t tell you about are the reduction in arrests, and therefor incarnation numbers are decreasing in some of the legal states (not sure about all). I also think that the number one thing that could kickstart the beginning of the end of racism would be to end the drug war. These prohibitive laws were originally race based and are ancient minded in todays day.


In December I T-Boned a crazy bitch that ran a stopsign right in front of me when I was at full speed with lights on and everything. Her car was fucked up bad. Maybe she should stop when she has a stopsign. The esk8 was fine and rode away from that, her car was definitely not fine. Number of fucks given: zero

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How do you T-Bone a car with a esk8? Was it a super high monster skate or something?

When you’re at full speed and a car blows a stop sign and drives right in front of you. It was a Metroboard

Wouldn’t the eskate just roll right under the car and you would end up T-Boning the car instead of your esk8, is Metroboard that high up?

That’s what happened, yeah. It hit the bottom of the car from underneath

If it was a Metroboard how was the damage to the car…haha I love my little Metroboard…built like tanks they are


That’s like My number one concern turning left on a bike or in the car. I always double check.

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Lucky you hit a nice comfy panel and were probably geared up, hit a door handle with your knee without pads is very very very painful