This is my build. What are your Thoughts?

So I have already made a similar post ant throw hard labour, swet and tears a came up with this refined build, I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas. Thanks in advance

  1. How/Where do i get remote reciever and make sure it will be compatible for my ESC and remote?
  2. Will the remote display speed and battery level?
  3. Is everything compatible
  4. Can i save somewhere money without making the board way more wors? (right now it will cost around 785usd and i would love to get closer to 700usd)
  5. What would be my theoretical range? (I weigh 80kg = 176 pounds)

Thank you so much for your time.


How do you connect the meepo remote to the VESC.

If you want Speed and Battery Level, the Flipsky VX2 remote will plug straight into your ESC.

Or ask Meepo if this remote has a receiver that is VESC compatible, but I doubt they will help with that.

There are several esk8 calculators available to help you work out your range and top-speed, back to the grind for you :rofl:

Looks like it, there is so much stuf to learn its killing me, I just wanna ride xD