This is not a Skate, but i want to improve it

Hi everyone

a couple month ago i bought a electric “Monopatin” (i don’t know how it’s this called on english, maybe “scooter”) it’s a quite simple build that uses 2 acid/pb bateries on series (24v) which 9ah provides me a maximum of 8km of autonomy and 20 km/h at his top speed

on the mecanic side, this have a 16t sprocket on the motor and a 90t sprocket on the wheel side; a clamp brake on the front and a drum brake on the rear…

on the electric side i can recognice a battery metter, the on/off swtich, the throttle, the batteries and finally the motor (i dont know if this is brushed or brushrless, but it have 3 wires i’t don’t have any label on it)… this does not have any more smart circuitry, any relay board, nothing more… the battery charger is an external one

i want to improve this machine, on the first aproach i want to add a seccond pair of pb batteries to toggle bettween the first ones by a switch (it’s the things that i have on hand) to try to get a 15km of distance

but also i have some ideas to put a lipo pack on it to archieve the distance goal, but i don’t want to know wich one can provide me the enought autonomy to buy it… i was thinking on two “Turnigy Graphene 6000mAh 6S 65C” with this change i can get a few kilos less of weigth

i have also a maytech vesc and a brh5065 200kv brushless motor that i want to put on this, to get some “smartness” and eficienncy i guess… xD

wich are your opinions about my ideas? it’s posible?

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Thanks in advance for any answer


well if you have vesc you can double the voltage and will get double the speed.

I dont recommend changing motor, the original sounds like brushless. mainly because the size is different. and if u want to change it look in to alien power motors they have huge variation. i saw a guy who did with razor scooter.

And make sure put ur build here i want to see it!

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If you just want to increase the range get someone to build you a 24 volt lithium-ion pack. @barajabali or @psychotiller are good sources.


Oh man reminds me of my wife’s build. I rebuilt a razor escooter with a sk3 6374 149kv motor vesc and 10s3p lg hg2 and modded winning remote


So we just got a razer e100 that my brother wants to mod and it looks identical to the fram of yours…did you keep the rear end drive including the back wheel and chain drive. Please post a link to the build thread or more pics pleas e

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You can keep the wheel but I upgraded chain drive to some bigger ones so I can fit a better wheel not that hard rubber wheel on the back but a soft pneumatic. I lost torque but still runs like a champ it out runs my evolve can go 30+ mph hahaha the batteries on the pic r 10s2p I had upgraded them to 3p but its awesome

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@ATLesk8. I bought an sk3 motor from there r cheaper options on their site but I got the 6374 149kv option I got the batteries from a friend. Don’t really know where he got them but they r legit. The vesc I got from people on the forum but they r maytech branded no problems with it so far the gears I got from here I got a 45T for the wheel and a 15T fpr the motor they can customize it to fit. I would suggest 2 M4 holes on the 15T so it can hold better mine only have 1 but it still hold tightly. Of course you don’t have to buy the chain drive system the old one works fine. I just upgraded mine because of the wheel I didnt like it every time I hit a small bump I felt it all if you have any other questions just hit me up