This is why duals rule

Belt shredded and got home no problem



… I just bring an extra belt and skate tool in my pocket


Smart!!! I will be packing an extra belt and a few tools.

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Having an extra belt doesn’t solve the problem of having brakes until you stop rolling. Dual does kick ass for braking and redundancy reasons.

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pushing a dual sux balls tho

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If I had spare belts at home I would just cut the belts off on the side of the road


the unnecessary load on secondary focbox can leave you with… no focboxes cutting belt is smart

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You should never be pushing a dual!!

i blew my rear series connection on my 12s2p earlier this year… it was unavoidable :frowning_face: i havent been able to ride for like 2 months

Howd you blow it?? Man that sucks, I would die if I cant ride

ya man, it was just its time… i the individual packs are still good, but charging pig tail, and rear series is doneski… still got ~300 cycles… probably just take it apart and use batteries for side prj

I only broke a belt once and it was because of a misaligned pulley install. I don’t think I would carry a belt on my pocket ever


The fastest way I’ve ever seen belts break is going through deep snow. The snow gets on the pulleys and makes them bigger around like a snowball rolling down a hill. You can snap two within a few meters

dreaming of kugs drive system :slightly_smiling_face:


I run a single drive right now (broke a motor can from kicking a rock up into it and can’t find replacement magnets or can) and my belt went bald because the TB motor mount came loose (despite loctite) and yea… luckily I always have my tools and 3 spare belts in my pack at all times I was able to swap the belt and get home… ALWAYS keep spares with you lol if u run dual motors keep 2 or 3 just in case

what motor was it? i might have spare parts for a hobbyking 6374 sk3

It was a 6374 190kv Torque Boards running a 4255m15 belt on a 14x72 gear. The belt was a little tweaked and stretched in a section…I kept running at it shredded. I have a few more belts on order… I just disconnected the XT 60 to the motor and running single wheel…works but you can really feel the difference in the torque.

6374 TB 190 kv motor

Yep that is the motor I am using on the dual setup. This is a mountain board setup with 8 inch wheels. The difference is significant between dual and single.

Yea it is but I just bought some six shooter rims and some new bushings so I can’t buy a motor replacement yet, plus I’m not buying from TB anymore so I’m most likely buying a BKB motor