This parts will be enough to climb hills?

this parts will be enough to climb 30 degrees hills ? dual hub Motor specs: 60A peak 30a constant 50.4v peak 3000w peak 1500w constant battery pack 50.4v charged 5Ah 12s 60A constant peak 120A

You asked in the other thread already, myself and other people answered


Evolve only has 3000w combined on there gt boards. It really comes down to if the motors are actually the specs they say they are which I highly doubt.

Yes but evolve also uses a reduction ratio giving it more torque hub motors usually lack torque cause there is no reduction is one to one ratio.

I had blanked on this potion of the equation. You could probably climb the hill if you had a 4wd config though right?

You need either custom wires with super fat gauges, AWD instead of 2WD, super tall diam motors (e-bike size) or a reduction drive on your motors.

Else 30 degrees for skateboards sized standard hubs like Maytech is a no go!