Thoughts on MBS AT 100mm wheels? Recommended wheel pulley?

I’ve seen a few people on these forums use these wheels, just wondering how people have found them?

I’ve current got 83mm flywheel clones with dual 200kv motors on a 36:16 ratio with 12mm belts. I want to be able to swap my wheels out for riding on short grass fields etc so I’m thinking these would be a cheaper and simpler alternative to getting my board to work with pneumatics which would require new trucks etc as well.

What sort of gearing ratio do people use with these wheels? I never hit top speed with my current setup but I’m riding up large hills everyday so I’m thinking about going from 16t to 14t on the motor pulley and then maybe get 40t wheel pulleys just for when I’m using the MBS wheels. Anyone know of 40t or similar pulleys that will fit these wheels?

I made a few videos with them, they’re pretty nice on grass. You can use these pulleys I’m using a 15:48 ratio for max torque but you should find you own top-speed and check via a calculator. Maybe something between 40-44t I guess.

@michaelcpg @E-Boarding beat me to it but I have a whole line up for these at various belt widths and sizes. you can use his recommended settings or print a different one based on your goals.

Do enertion pulleys fit? thinking of getting a set

Yep. I’m using them.

How do the ride on the roads etc? im curious

I really like them. They pretty much roll over anything. I got them because a ton of the streets around where I live are all messed up. Now I don’t worry about what’s in front of me.

are they uncomfortable to ride on flat surface?

Nope. Not for me. I only ride on the street (all flat).

How durable are 3D printed pulleys? What material do you print these in? Based on the very limited experience I have with 3D printed components, I would’ve thought that something that gets as much wear as a pulley wouldn’t hold up for long if its 3D printed?

Well it depends what materials you have access to and the type of 3D printing process as well. ABS is pretty good for a few hundred miles I’m told. I print mine with PETG at 100% infill and I put about 350-400km on mine and they still look good but it’s so cold out right now (-10 C, Hamilton, ontario, Canada) and the ground is covered in snow/salt so I dont use it anymore because of that.

You can also get these printed in SLS nylon which is a much more durable form of printing because nylon will wear significantly less. Keep in mind that this does result in a larger upfront cost but they are probably capable of 2-3 maybe even 4 times the usage if not more. @longhairedboy has a series of wheel pulleys that are printed by shapeways in SLS Nylon so maybe he can give you more perspective on the wear if you chose that route.

I think the true secret to making printed gears last though is proper belt tension. It shouldnt have slack in the drivetrain to ensure all teeth are properly engaged and wearing evenly.

The only sign of wear I’ve seen on mine is there’s some powder that accumulates on the mount from the gear and a small piece of the back flange chipped off probably from something hitting it like gravel.


Ok thanks for the info :slight_smile: Might have to do a bit of research into how much it’d cost to get a pair printed. Are these like the Enertion nylon pulleys where they’re just a single piece that slots into the wheel or is there more to it than that?

If you want a single piece print that are like enertion (but better if you’re looking for more variety) that just slots into the wheel then you’re looking to get long haired boy’s pulleys. You’ll have to get a flanged bearing online like amazon so that they stay in place as intended.

Or if you want to print it and bolt it on yourself then these would be the way to go. There is a retainer that goes on the front of the wheel so the bolts have something to lay flat up against but that shouldn’t cost much to print as it’s volume is very little.

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Ah makes sense. Thanks :slight_smile:

Any idea if these would fit the MBS wheels? My main concern with getting a local company to print the pulleys you’ve designed for me would be that from past experience, they’ll likely be very expensive for only printing 2 of them.

If you go to my thingiverse page there is a series specific to the MBS wheels.