Thoughts on my Board Wall Mount

CNC cut from 1/2” MDF and glued together with wood dowels for extra strength. Designed it for Trampa trucks but can modify to fit others. Looking to see if it would be worth making more. Not sure how the community feels about storing their boards? image image image image


Using stack Fab should make that mount pretty dang strong!!! And the built in remote holder is Awesome!! I will definitely be looking to find the best way to mount my board on the wall when I get it finished in a few weeks and this just may be the ticket!!! Awesome job and I will definitely shoot you a DM when I get closer to finishing if you are willing to do some more!!


Yeah I’ll make another for anybody. It could probably hold wheels on narrower trucks. It’s also easily modified by stacking less plates

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I’ve seen those on Instructables

Nice looking wall mount. I use the Rubbermaid fast track, it can be cut to any length and the middle hooks work perfect for skate trucks, while the larger hooks (bent out slightly) work good for my MBS trucks. I hang mine from the sides of a work bench so have two boards per side.

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My only concern will be the “hole” meant for the remote, since a bigger/thicker remote might not fit as securely.

Looks slick… I’d use ply for strength over mdf, the finish wouldn’t be as good though.

I really need to set something up to hang my boards on. I kind of want a floor stand for my bigger board though

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I can design and cut whatever you imagine…within the limits of my x-carve. I have a usable cutting area of 30”x30”.

+1 for the FastTrack system. I love it.