Thoughts on my shaft

Here is the issue I need to replace my shaft on 2 Sk3 6364 213kv motors the parts are not available and have not been for a while do u think Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6374 Series Replacement Shaft Set would work with a bit of fettling? THOUGHTS ANYONE

let me grab a couple links bro, in short: yes you can use other shafts*, you can even make your own out of drill blanks* :slight_smile: might need some tools though like a drill press or a arbor press* *I’ve got more experience pulling apart scorpion motors, ill be back with a link

read the links here on making your own motor shaft and changing your motor shaft, video inc.

Dude that’s all I needed to hear and luckily I have tools two garages full haha just wanted confirmation cheers

Ohh. I misunderstood the thread title Dissapointed:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Damn Clickbait! Came here to see some dickeldidoo :monkey:


There are plenty of websites if that’s ur thing

Any of them have pics of your shaft? I mean your motor’s shaft. I think

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Haha all is good ordered some 8mm stainless going to cut a new one

Have you pulled down the motor first? My 8mm motor shafts actually taper to 10mm (9.98mm) to press fit in to the bearings… I see no one has actually clicked on the link so I’m just checking, also the hardened steel used for drill bit blanks will be more durable than stainless :wink:

Yer got some calipers on be 4 I do any thing and gunna try stainless just because iv ordered it haha I used the link opens new tab rather than the link it’s self so won’t count.