Thoughts on RUSH All-Weather Ceramic Bearings?

I need a new set of bearings. I used RUSH ABEC-7 and they got all rusted overtime.

I saw the RUSH All-Weather Ceramic Bearings in a pricing tag of $59.0. I like the fact they are ceramic (RUSH states they are fully ceramic, although I don’t believe that). They are water-proof and should be blazing fast.

Any opinions? Would love to hear about other bearings you will suggest as well.

I haven’t used rush bearings but i have NEAL ceramics and they’ve been great, haven’t cleaned them in 8 months and they still spin great

Which one do you use? I saw they have three ceramic types but can’t tell the difference.

yea I’m not sure… i use black

I also found this:

Any suggestions about them?

How about Zealous ceramic bearings? Though…I’ve only been using them for 2 months but they work well.

That’s an option. Thanks.

Can’t decide which to go with now :blush:

I don’t have any issues with Bones Reds and they’re only $12


For how long are you using them?

Standard bearings will be just fine as long as you don’t drench them with water. I have been running a set of Bones Reds for almost a year now. Ceramics are good as long as you devote the time to cleaning them and keeping them lubricated. IMO it’s easier to ride standard bearings and just replace them when they are used up.

Forever haha… I think the reviews speak for themselves

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Oh so true…I remember reading a discussion on the merits of ceramic vs standard steel ones and it was interesting.

In the end, the general consensus was ceramics are more applicable to downhill riding/high speed skating, while everything else the standard is more than adequate.

No matter what though…if riding in poor weather conditions, the bearings should be cleaned after each ride.

Just the rubber shielded steel ball bearings. It’s cheaper to buy over using ceramic ball bearings.

Neal is a good value option. One bearing in a set I bought was bad and they sent me a whole new 2nd set.

Most bearings sold as ceramic have stainless steel outer and inner rings (which can rust) and are only referring to the balls being ceramic. There are full ceramic bearings but they’re pricey.