Threaded tube or rods

Yo yo ! I am working on my 1st dual motor setup and I want to put on some of those threaded rods or tubes that I see people using to square up and help brace the motors. What are they like a M4 tube or something? And where do I order some? What have you used and did it work well? Steel or Aluminum?

I’d recommend either solid rods, or tubes of a larger diameter. Unless they’re quite a bit bigger, steel is your best option, since aluminum will bend far easier. Some mounts already have holes set up for them, but others would need to be modified.

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so…where can I buy them?

I can easily drill the mounts I have, not a problem there, there’s room for at least two rods to help square them together and keep the motors from ever touching under load or flex.

Steel is overkill, the rod is not taking any mechanical load. Aluminum is probably the easiest option to get ahold of. You can get it online, but I’m pretty sure Home Depot has it as well.

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everybody here is over killing everything, especially the mechanical parts

like why the fuck do you need space craft grade aluminum for your motor mount, straight gray iron wich is fragile could take 5 times the load that is produced without any problem

i know you can get threaded rod at home depot (atleast in canada); not sure if they have it in metric threads though

The Ace Hardware in Folsom has metric threaded rod…aka all thread. stainless steel iirc…

9500 Greenback Ln #10, Folsom, CA 95630

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Not everything is about functionality.

Aluminum is lighter than steel.

Some prefer the looks.

It is easier to machine. etc.

@Idle perfect, I’ll check it out, I love local sources

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

-Ayn Rand

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Tubes, rods and nuts to try from Ace hardware

Got it, just aluminium tubes with a steel threaded rod inside, capped with washers and locknuts…

Share some pictures when you have mounted them :wink:

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