Three 4s batteries. Discharge in series, charge in parallel?

I’ve seen people make a 12s1p system with two 6s batteries wired in series, and then charging the 6s packs in parallel. I wanted to a similar thing with 4s batteries, mainly because that’s what I have on hand (build an 8s1p system, and used 4s lipos in series. I have two 8s packs so four 4s batteries in total).

I really want to have the ability to go faster than I am. I don’t feel entirely safe on public roads other than neighborhoods because I can’t keep up with traffic.

So, how could I go about doing this? Thanks in advanced!

You just need to create three 4s packs, create a series connection for all of them and then charge them separate. Have to make sure they are same type and capacity as well as charged to the same voltage before discharging.

I was hoping to do that integrated into the board. I have already been doing that, and its a pain with just two batteries :joy:

There isn’t really an easy way of doing what you want. I would suggest buying a bms and charger. What I am doing is using a cheap charge only bms and am waiting on an adjustable cc/cv converter from eBay. Total cost of $30 Aud and all I do is plug it in and set the voltage I want