Three link trucks

Three link trucks…


Its insanity

Love it

i had no idea this was even a thing

Hey…at least he’s not recycling bungee hooks …just sayin’


Looks nice, at least finallly a close up pic of your steering system, nice work @MoeStooge

All I can imagine now is to add some sort of suspension / spring there to achieve something similar to what bajaboard has :smiley:

I wanted to say this in the other thread already… but Im glad im seeing someone going in this direction, as I have thought for a while that a new way of steering would be welcome and might benefit certain eboard users, so very glad to finally seeing some results and approaches to make this possible.

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Looks like the front end of a buggy or dragster. Best looking unconventional trucks I’ve seen in a long time. Could be used in a crazy high-speed drag build.

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If both ends on the axle adjusters are fixed, how does the axle rotate letting you turn? This is how alignments are done on cars. I like the idea and follow through, if those were shock like in cars, that would be great.

It’s like a trailing link, right? I think it’s sexy as hell.

Is it something you machined as a one off?

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sweet as…

Thanks for the explanation!

1oldbaldguy I have ridden this truck set up it is awesome. Moe building set for my new board we are working to build fastest boards with great run time Moe is a madman we want to get a race, 20 to 30 riders on a track like willow springs somewhere around ten laps now that would be cool to participate in.

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