Thrift store| Amzn Special Deck | TB 180mm | 6374 Ebay Special | 12s Lipo | VESC Flipsky 4.2

Looking for criticism on first build, parts list in full is below, otherwise, main objectives / history so far into the build…


  1. Able to charge with my laptop charger (USB-C) that I will always have with me anyways.
  2. Fast enough to be exiting, no need for speed racer type beat, ~30mph? not sure.
  3. Enough torque to climb ~30deg hills ; In Texas, so lotttts of flat but some random steep hills.
  4. At least 10 miles range.

Here is my esk8Calc link, should have all correct values for what I’m looking for-

Now into the interesting bits


Attempted to drill out 70mm wheels that came with the board, didn’t work out, as seen below.

Attempted to shave trucks into workable shape, didnt work out, 3d printed mount kept slipping.

Conceded to buying wheels and trucks that would be a little more plug and play, hence tb110s and tb 180mms.

Current layout (Sorry for background, rugs more distracting than I thought)

Should be getting wheels and trucks in the next couple days. Will probably tuper ware everything for testing, then come up with a more permanent solution. Still working on usb-c solution… for the time being, i have sourced a cheap 200w laptop charger to double as a charger and for testing the boost converter.


The guys below all greatly influenced the main objectives of this board.

@mutantbass - LIPO Charge only Smart BMS wiring Guide - DIY Solutions - forums

  • Using bms as charge only solution, because using lipos, and also lower amp output = cheaper bms image

@mynamesmatt - "The Taipan" HSC Major | SK3-6364 190Kv | 16/36 | 10S 8000mah LiPo w 60A BMS | TB VESC | TB 90mm Abec Clones | TB Caliber Trucks | 3D Printed Enclosure | USB Phone Charging | Individual Voltmeters | 4A Fast Charging |

  • Influenced idea of using boost and or buck converters to enable use of lower power chargers, and or to charge phones or remotes from the board it self

@kevingraehl - Charge skateboard with MacBook charger. Done - forums

  • Also influenced charging via USB-C

Parts list below


Deck - Amazon special -

Trucks - TB 180MM - TorqueBoards 180mm Trucks – DIY Electric Skateboard

Wheels - TB110 (Blem) - 110mm TORQUE Wheels (BLEM) – DIY Electric Skateboard

Bearings - Bones Reds -

Next couple components I’ve planed on 3d printing, have back up that I’m ready to order if they dont work out (DickyHo for all, still unsure about short vs long motor mount though:



Motor mount - Thingaverse special - Electric skateboard motor mount - Caliber trucks by SolidGeek - Thingiverse

HTD5 15 Tooth, Motor Pulley - Thingaverse special - Parametric pulley - lots of tooth profiles by droftarts - Thingiverse

HTD5 39 Tooth, Wheel Pulley - Thingaverse special - 39t Pulley for TB110 Really Big Wheels by studio-napkin - Thingiverse

Belt - With current motor mount, looks like 290m-5m-15mm belt ; with dickyho, ~300 for short mount, ~335 for long -


Motor- Ebay special - 2900W Electric Skateboard Longboard C6374 Efficience Brushless Motor 170KV | eBay

Batteries - 3x (SMC, 4s, 7.7AH, ~40c) - True Spec Extreme Graphene V2 Flight 14.8V-7700mAh-40C-BVM

VESC - Flipsky 4.2 (got mine on Alibaba though) - Most compact VESC4 DIY electric skateboard | Mini FSESC4.20 | Flipsky – FLIPSKY

Remote - Flipsky vx1 - 2.4Ghz Remote VX1 for diy Electric skateboard | Flipsky VESC remote – FLIPSKY

BMS- Lithium Battery PCB, 12s, 20A (Discharge only) - 10S 11S 12S 13S 14S 15S 36V 48V 58.8V 60V smart BMS with Bluetooth function UART communication 20A to 60A constant current – LLT POWER ELECTRONIC

Charger, This will be the charger left at home for faster chargin, purpose of getting a boost converter in the mix is so I can use my actual laptops USB-C charger which is small (65W), but i will also already be carrying it- 200W 19.5V ~10A Laptop charger - Origin HP 200W AC Adapter Power Supply for HP laptops and desktops smart pin | eBay

With Ebay special boost converter -

Other than trying to drill holes in the skateboard wheels, I actually am interested seeing the laptop battery charging thing. So far everything looks okay, except for the flipsky esc, but hopefully yours is good. Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do with this.

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Yea lesson learned on the wheels lol. we’ll see how the vesc holds up when I get wheels.

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If it fails on you, check out MakerX escs. They’re decent :ok_hand:. If you run into an issue, I’ll see if i have any answers for you.

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Just got the bms, hooked up charging leads, seems to work great!

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Also, was wondering your thoughts on the long vs short dickyho mounts? Could i use the long mounts under my board, or is that pretty much reverse only? I figured with my huge wheels it wouldn’t be a big issue, but if i use them under, i might as well get the short ones right?

If you’re planning to put it under the deck, a short mount would be ideal. But it also depends on how fat the motor is and your pulley system so you might end up using risers. 63mm is pretty fat.

Larger mount would be best if going reverse. But I’ve seen people doing it with larger ones. It’s pretty much a gamble since you need to get it to know.

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Looks good mate, never seen those batteries or motors before. And would definitely recommend a vesc 6 for 12s, as the vesc 4 is known for blowing up often on 12s

Another thing, that boost converter will run very hot. It’s upping the voltage 2.5 times nearly, and you’ll be limited to like 3.5a charge current (accounting for losses) as the laptop charger can only provide 10a.

besides that, good shit :+1:t2:


Was doing pretty good when i tested today, got a big ol heat sink on the back, and will just have to see how long it takes for my vesc to blow up from what it sounds like😂


I’ve been running my flipsky 4.20 VESC since the summer with no issues except I ripped off the USB port while messing with the motor before I even had it mounted to anything. Config still works fine with Bluetooth as long as I don’t turn off the bt option. In that case I have to wire up the CANBUS to a second ESC and program it through that (which I’ve done once)

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Well, after tonight I am one with those against Flipsky… The pictures below show the aftermath of my vesc shitting it self, catching fire and exploding. Was trying to get remote working after it had stopped moving the motor (control type set to off for some reason), set to current bidirectional, accelerated on controller, vesc went boom. Pretty flames actually, pink and purple among the orange. rest of pics will be @ google photo link below.

Told you. What was the settings? Because that esc can only handle 25A battery current at best. The only thing good about flipsky are the motors and the bluetooth module and some other stuff that isnt the esc.

What vesc should i get? Foc box? Can never find one

Look into stormcore 60d or makerx DV6 if you’re going dual. If not, The SV6 from makerx would work as a single. Trampa is expensive but is the best single vesc.