Throttle control sensitivity

Hey guys,

I’ve maidened my board and amazing by how fun it is to ride. No way I’ll be taking it to top speed any time soon!

Anyway I have a benchwheel remote linked to a maytech VESC. Take off is smooth and it holds speed really well. Possible problem I have is that if I blip the throttle or quickly increase the throttle then back off to 0 then the speed holds or continues to climb before coasting down to a stop. Maybe only a half a second delay. Almost feels like once you ask for x amount of power it has to reach that before it can roll off.

Since this is my first board is a lag like this normal or is there something I can set in bldc?

No a lag isn’t normal. Can you see this lag also on the display (App config. - PPM) of BLDC Tool? If there is also a lag, I think something is wrong with the remote/receiver.

I’ve got 3 Benchwheel remotes and I’ve never seen the before. I think you have a bad remote.

Hummm I’ll connect it up and see if I can replicate on film what is happening. It is most pronounced when the board it unloaded.