Throttle response and low KV issues

Hi , another time I need some of your knowledge :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m making an ebike kit with a APS 60kv 6374 motor ( still don’t know if synchronous or bipolar witch is better and the difference between those two) and a Maytech VESC . I’m having some “problems”, first of all I know I have a veeeeery low KV motor and it won’t start perfect , first question : does anyone know any tips or settings to make it work better , a second problem not so important is that I have a small delay in the throttle I switched from current to duty cycle and it became smaller but if I could remove it it would be better , and the last two , the VESC does not cut when the voltage is low (yes it has a cut off at 27 but it still goes down to 26 and the motor is spinning real slow) plus I feel like the motor does not work in max speed all the times (maybe cause I’m using cheap Chinese batteries until I recieve the original ones .

Anyone ? :cry:

I don´t think we have enough ebike guys here. Maybe ask on vedders forum because it´s vesc related?

Well I asked cause the problem is not in the bike but in skate items like VESC etc

Do you mean cogging?

Something like that but it makes it and when I already move (it’s in test level yet but yes some friend told me to check the timing as it works sensor less for now ,