Thrown of board when accelerating too fast

When I pull my trigger a bit to much I get thrown of the board, because the motor stops. If I carefully pull the throttle as I am picking up speed it works fine. Is there a solution to this? I want to be able to use the throttle without being scared of falling of.

My specs:

X-car beast 120A ESC 2x 5000 mAh 3s 20c in series 5070 Propdrive V2 270kv

Maybe buy the programcard. What do you mean with that your motor stops? Do you mean while breaking or that the power cutts off when full throttle?

Yea, the power cuts off if I go full throttle

I have the program card, but it seems to not be working… I’ll maybe have to buy a new one

Does this ESC have low voltage control? It might be that you’re voltage-sagging those batteries and hitting a threshold programmed into the ESC, which would cut power if you draw too heavily. That would explain why you can accelerate slowly but have problems when you go full throttle.


I am assuming you do not have sensors hooked up to the ESC. I had the same problem with my HK 150a ESC. I beleive it is a “safety” feature.My suggestion would be to use a sensored motor. This solved my issue.

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Could you link me a good sensored motor for my current setup, thats also good if I would like to do some upgrades in the future (VESC, 10s or 12s)?

Could you recommend a solution? Maybe I could lower the voltage cutoff a bit?

It seems like this motor only supports up to 8s lipo. I would like something that could be useful when upgrading to higher voltages.

Im not really that happy about buying a new motor right away, I would rather like to solve it with the components i already have…

Check with you may need to change your mount though.

Also, you’ll need to find motors with a lower kv if you’re planning to go forward with 10s or 12s.

Something around 160 - 190kv?

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The parts you have are going to limit what you can do. Start planning a new build using the parts you need to acheive your goal or buy the parts you need to make your current build work safely.

I used that program card befor i sent it to you it is working,post pics of screen …

Are you connecting the program card before switching on the ESC?

I have never used sensors and I have never had this happen with any of my ESC’s I don’t believe its a safety setting. that doesnt make sense. I also don’t change many settings on the programming card from the default. just max timing, and min punch. I have used so many of these ESC’s I have lost count. never seen this before.

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i got that esc on sale long long ago. it sits in a box where it belongs. :joy: i’m sure it would be great on a rc truck doing wheelies and all.

but yea grab a vesc. and another 3s for 9s. or try on 6s for sure that won’t throw you off anymore…

I done over 100 miles on a xcar 150a esc had lots of fun …you need to get the pc program working the interface on that card sucks but useable…bet the driver didnt install with the program. Uninstall restart install restart then plug in card…see does that work