Thumbwheel for remote

Hi everyone! I have a short question. Does anyone know where you can buy thumb wheels that is self centering for a remote?

Thankful for any suggestions

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If anyone orders from them, please drop my name I don’t get anything there all good friends of mine.

One of there thumb wheel in a housing I mod it works good.


The mini trigger which is renowned has a wheel also if u go to the other channel

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Thats a nice looking remote. You selling them?

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I’m still working on it, not a lot of room inside the housing. Where’s some pic with a bigger thumb wheel and the inside.

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Attractive and a nice form factor, the trigger looks very sturdy and responsive. Let me know when you start selling, I’d like to give it a try.

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yeah will do.

I cant find the completed remote on the ruffycontrols site. Do they just the small thumb part and you will do the rest? hope its an ok price because it looks top quality controls. no wonder you have the guard around it. looks nice. kinda tough.
how will it differ from something like the new maytech thumb control?

Yeah just the thumb wheel, i mod the handle.

what do you mean that you mod the handle? you get them made or convert it from another use? the injected plastic parts look really nice

Yes converted it from another use The face of the handle is blank, So i can machine are cut holes to mount thumb stick/thumb wheel/ switches are L.E.D. if i wanted to.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’m looking for something a wheel with a spring :slight_smile: