Time for me to order a battery, have questions

I’m getting ready to order a battery pack. I’m using this motor 6355 190kv

I was looking at either this here. from DIY

or the pack from enertion here. I like the enclosure better on the enertion.

Will either of these work fine for my single motor setup?


If you want to save some cash you can help me help you! I make custom batteries like Enertion and DIY.

They will work fine, but search a bit more man, There are a lot of places to buy Battery Pack, Miami Board, Alien Power, and there are guys that make Battery packs, like @Alextech

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I think it’s generally more fun when you get to give dimensions and see it come toghter! That’s just me! But like @IsTalo There a plenty of great sellers around that would appreciate the support including myself!

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Yeah, Miami Electric Boards have some new stealth packs, they’re great. @oriol360

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I like the fit and finish of the Enertion Battery with enclosure. I’d be interested in the others if they came with an enclosure I could mount to my board like that. I’m more worried that either of those batteries will not work with that motor. Like this message on enertion’s website. This pack is for motors of 2400W or less (Including the 6372).

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I can include an enosure in the price, plenty of space for 2x Dual Rear. @oriol360 Also has enclosures for sale aswell as a separate cost.

That is for maximum discharge, It’s nice to have that power but for most people we won’t ever pull more then 2000w at a given moment.unless you got massive hills and a single drive. Not to mention a Vesc can only handle 50amps continuous, unless you have and new Vesc X.

I also have some batteries available… I’m looking to get rid of them…


Let me try to rephrase. Will my motor work with the Enertion pack or is my motor too much? I had it pretty much narrowed down to that one. I really don’t want to build my own enclosure or battery.

To answer your question, Any 10s battery pack will work with a 6355 190kv motor. It is advised however that you use a Vesc motor controller where with you can control the battery and motor current and eliminate the possibility of drawing too much current from the battery.

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