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Time spent building your esk8? [Time in - Days / Hours / Effort]

Hi there - I’ve been recently thinking - how much time each of us does spend building his esk8?

For me… For now I think it has taken at least a couple of hours for more than 4-5 days straight… not to mention all the hassle of removing wheels, hanger, risers/wedges a few more times than needed…

Will try to give a little ‘‘platform’’, to count our time spent at different parts of our esk8 building process:

Mechanical part (mount making, Drive wheel):

About 1 day minimum, about 3-4hours making handmade mount, unknown hours for drive wheel, was not done by me.

Electrical part:

  1. Battery building

Spent at least couple of hours soldering everything up, had half-assembled pack, had to resolder a few cells, add a couple more extra.

  1. Battery / Esc / motor wiring

By now this seems to have taken the most time… I could split it in smaller sections, such as:

  • Channel making in the board for the wires (battery position in the middle of the deck)

  • Protecting and _‘neating up’_motor wires (sleeves, heat-shrinking, fixing into place

  • Covering esc wires (sleeves, heatshrink, hot glue)

All of the wiring stuff has taken at least a day or two by now… of course depends on how much hours do you include in a day… but for it’s been something like 2-3days, each 4 hours… so you could say 1.5 day of 6hours… (12 hours total - Wiring up things)

A lot time has been spent soldering, trying to find the best spots to place the wires… drilling holes, fixing enclosures / stuff with screws of fasteners and lots of other stuff Im not even sure how to include…

I assume this does not cover every part of esk8 building I have spent ‘‘upgrading’’ the board. .but non the less, it gives some sort of insight / estimate on how much time does it really take to build your own esk8…

This gets way more larger once you start to upgrade the existing board or board a completely new one… especially / maybe using parts from the first build!

Im still missing proper enclosure… mud flaps/fenders… and a few other things, like convenient charging port…

So in Total Time spend building (personally) - 30 hours minimum..

would have to try to make this number more precises by looking up at some of the works I’ve done but have not counted in.

Interesting @Okami - you might consider factoring in the time it takes to identify and select the parts you’ll use. I think that “assembly” is the most fun part, but possibly the least time consuming compared to acquiring the needed materials.

Also, past experience matters a lot. If you already know how to solder, use a 3D printer, weld, paint, and lay carbon fiber, you’re well ahead of others!

@treenutter hah I actually never thought of that! You could create another topic for that! I think this topic already deserves its own ‘‘spot’’…not to get cluttered too much with everything in between…

I can create the 2nd topic, if you are ‘‘for it’’ :wink:

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@Okami sure feel free to make a new thread if you like!

Already did:


I had another thread, where each user posts his ‘‘forum stats’’ alone, feel free to check it also, if you havent already:

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